A new customer focused has been launched by BASF. The Construction Solutions Web site enables easy access to the company’s building and construction portfolio of more than 600 technologies and product offerings.

The Web site,www.BASF.com/construction, is designed as a resource to customers seeking detailed information and solutions on the more than 75 construction solution and product categories offered by the manufacturer. Information is provided for products used directly on construction sites or integrated into other products to improve the performance of products used in construction.

The BASF offering ranges from adhesives and sealants to asphalt and concrete modification to energy efficient building insulation, heat reflecting coatings and wall systems to expansion management systems to high performance flooring, doors and windows to electrical, HVAC and plumbing parts. 

“BASF offers the broadest range of products and solutions to improve the performance of construction projects while they are being built and when they are operating,” said Tilo Horstmann, director of business development for BASF in North America. “Our new Construction Solutions portal allows customers to either download a useful document or obtain contact information for a BASF construction expert within a few mouse clicks of entering the Web site saving them time.”

Intended for architects, engineers, construction specifiers, DOT professionals, developers and trades people, the Web site is organized by U.S. Census Bureau construction segments.

The site also provides focused information regarding sustainable construction practices for professionals and the general public, including information about the company’s Near-Zero Energy Home that the company built in Paterson, N.J. and about a wide range of products that substantially improve the energy efficiency and durability of construction projects.