Power tool manufacturer DeWalt announced the launch of its new line of corded tools in an effort to increase market share among corded users. The new line of tools includes 1/2-inch drills (DWD215G and DWD210G), a deep-cut band saw (DWM120) and 1/2-inch stud and joist drill (DWD460). DeWALT built these tools from the ground up and designed them with new innovations including a high-performance motor, electronic controls, new grip designs and serviceable parts. Available in December, these tools will help to improve the drilling and cutting experience for professional end users and provide new developments in a category that has not seen innovation in more than a decade.

The focus of the power tool industry has been primarily on cordless tools and innovations in battery technologies. However, corded tools are a staple for many professional users as they provide high levels of durability, reliability and performance that are still in demand. The new line up of DeWALT corded tools target plumbers, HVAC, mechanical, and general contractors with new user-driven innovations that address the growing demand.

“DeWALT has established its leadership position in cordless and is proud to take the lead in introducing the most significant corded revolution the industry has seen in the past decade,” commented Eric Bernstein, Director of Marketing for DeWALT. “We identified a real need among corded users and designed these tools to reinvigorate the corded market by delivering undeniable user benefits.”

DEWALT’s team of engineers and product managers worked with end users on jobsites nationwide to identify their needs and to determine what new features would help them do their jobs more efficiently. Highlights of innovations include:

  • High-Performance Motor Design: DeWALT developed a new motor design that packs approximately 40 percent more copper into the motor providing increased power and speed. Traditionally, manufacturers would have to create a bigger tool to fit this much copper, but the new technology provides significantly more power without increasing size. Depending on the tool, users can complete applications 25 to 55 percent faster (according to DeWALT testing). The 1/2-inch drills are equipped with 10 amp motors and provide electricians, plumbers, mechanics, HVAC professionals, metal fabricators, carpenters and professional contractors with enough power to complete heavy-duty applications. The new deep-cut band saw also has a 10 amp motor, which is the industry’s highest band saw amp rating. Additionally, the stud and joist drill has an 11 amp motor providing users with more than 45 percent more power than the leading competitor. 
  • Electronic Controls: DEWALT developed a patented electronic control module that monitors the speed of the tool and delivers maximum performance for heavy-duty applications. Users can complete various applications while the electronic controls automatically adjust to the job. For example, the Bind-Up Control feature on the stud and joist drill provides increased user control in bind-up/stall situations. The Bind-Up Control feature senses rotational motion during use and reduces the motor torque to a manageable level.
  • Grip and Handle Design: End user research shows that many construction professionals seek more options in handle design and grip. As a result, DEWALT now offers both mid-handle and pistol grip handle options for its corded drills, providing users with greater comfort and control. Having two grip options gives end users the opportunity to choose the design that best meets their drilling needs. The handles are equipped with an anti-slip soft grip for enhanced comfort.
  • Serviceability and Durability: The new DeWALT band saw has a serviceable shroud with rubber bumpers that help to protect the saw. The band saw allows users to quickly and easily replace worn or broken shrouds without having to take the unit to a service center for repair. Additionally, the new band saw is equipped with dual bearing blade guards for increased durability in the blade support system.