iCrete, a concrete technology company, has signed a strategic use agreement with Webcor Builders, a large commercial general contractor and concrete contractor in California.

Under the agreement, Webcor will offer the use of iCrete high-performance concrete mixes and quality systems for tall buildings and other major structures. The companies will work together to win major construction and infrastructure projects on the West Coast, where local and state governments increasingly require stronger, safer, and more durable and sustainable materials with a smaller carbon footprint.

“Andy Ball, Webcor’s president and CEO, is a long-time advocate of advanced construction technologies and a recognized leader in the sustainable building movement,” said Juan Carlos Terroba, CEO of iCrete. “Under Andy’s leadership, Webcor is testing and advancing today the green construction techniques and the stronger, more durable materials that will become the standard of tomorrow. We are proud that he has chosen iCrete as a partner and close ally in that effort.”