Sika and Master Builders Solutions have joined forces. Since May 2, they are one company. In particular, the acquisition included the three legal entities of Master Builders Solutions Construction Systems, Watson Bowman Acme and Colorbiotics in the U.S., which are now part of Sika.

Firstly, Sika wants to ensure valued customers that its strong relationship and focus on serving them continues; it will continue to deliver the same quality, products and services. In addition, there will be no unforeseen disruptions due to the acquisition; it has dedicated teams to ensure that.

Secondly, this acquisition will strengthen the value that Sika can provide to customers. It will offer them a better service and experience, as well as broaden its product portfolio and geographical coverage. It will push innovation to the next level, ensuring customers get the best products and, in particular, more sustainable solutions.

Finally, immediate implications or changes, if any, will be communicated clearly and well in advance. Unless explicitly communicated otherwise, customers will continue to interact with their usual sales and support points of contact, and their order processing will stay the same.

Sika would like to personally thank customers for their past support and looks forward to sustaining its commitment to them and their businesses going forward.

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