The American National Standards Institute Board of Standards Review approved the “Withdraw for Cause Request of ANSI/SIA A92.10 Transport Platforms” submitted by the American Society of Safety Engineers as Secretariat for ASC A10 Construction and Demolition Operations. Effective Nov. 17, 2008, the A92.10 Transport Platforms is no longer recognized as an American National Standard.

The ANSI BSR’s decision was based solely on the assessment of the procedures followed and not on the merit of the content of the A92.10 Transport Platforms standard.

A92.10 Transport Platforms is managed by the Scaffold Industry Association in conjunction with ASC A92 Mobile Scaffolds, Towers and Platforms. The SIA has resubmitted the A92.10 Transport Platforms to ANSI to create a new standard, ensuring that proper procedures will be followed.

The association has produced a document, “Technical Guidelines for Transport Platforms,” which can be used as a reference guide until the A92.10 Transport Platforms is recognized as an American National Standard. The SIA Mast Climbing Council has also produced a Code of Safe Practices for Transport Platforms that is available in both English and Spanish.