The Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association announced its new G300 Safety and Performance standard, which includes CO-shutoff technology to reduce the risk of injury from misuse of generators in enclosed spaces.

The revised standard received ANSI approval on Dec. 19, 2023, and includes the same carbon monoxide sensing technology from ANSI/PGMA G300-2018, which has a 99 percent reduction in deaths due to generators operating indoors where CO accumulates around the generator. G300-2023 modified the existing standard to lower shutoff thresholds, which will further address injuries associated with potential misuse of generators. The standard applies to all portable generators 15 kilowatts or smaller — including inverters, open frame and construction generators. In addition, requirements have been added to the updated standard for generators that are fueled by natural gas. The sensor technology is in addition to the robustness of the standard that already includes safety and performance requirements for portable generators.

“Our ultimate goal is to reduce carbon monoxide injuries and deaths by preventing misuse of portable generators,” said Susan Orenga, executive director of PGMA. “In addition to PGMA’s extensive Take it Outside education and awareness campaign to promote safe generator use, the auto-shutdown feature is monumental in reducing carbon monoxide dangers and promoting overall consumer safety. We are proud that 99 percent of all member products are manufactured to G300-2018, and members will be working quickly to adhere to G300-2023.”

The ANSI/PGMA G300 standard’s auto-shutdown feature stops the generator from running when carbon monoxide begins to accumulate as a result of improper operation in enclosed spaces. All data sources, including third-party analysis, show that auto-shutdown results in a significant reduction in fatalities and injuries related to the misuse of the product by stopping the source of the carbon monoxide. In addition, the auto-shutdown feature benefits consumers by indicating proper locations to operate the generator and is affordable, helping keep portable power available for most consumers. ANSI announced the approval of the standard on Dec. 29, 2023, and the effective date for compliance to G300-2023 is for generators manufactured on or after Jan. 1, 2025.