Honeywell International has published a Fire Alarm Cable Conversion Guide, a 38-page handbook that details cables from Honeywell companies Firelite, Silent Knight, Gamewell and Notifier, in addition to its namesake brand.

The guide is designed to be simple-to-read and focuses on specification needs met by the various cables ranging from gauge sizes, shielding configurations and jacketing materials, as well as code requirements such as NEC article 760, New York City Local Law 5 and New York State Toxicity requirements.

The current fire alarm market hinges on the retrofitting, renovation and maintenance of systems, a job that frequently calls for replacing existing cables. The new guide acts as an essential resource for contractors and distributors who need to specify the correct Honeywell cable for installation. For a free copy of the Fire Alarm Cable Conversion Guide, call (800) 222-0060, or visit