Sustainable building materials company Serious Materials announced it would re-open the former Kensington Windows plant in Vandergrift, Pa. with a green ribbon-cutting ceremony. Alongside Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell and re-hired plant employees, Serious Materials’ executives will celebrate the creation of new green jobs and discuss the positive effects of the Recovery Act and its impact on America’s green future.

“Today, we’re seeing firsthand the opportunities we have to create a green economy that puts people to work doing jobs that reduce our energy dependence, encourage conservation, save consumers money and strengthen our national security,” Governor Rendell said. “About six months ago, the doors to this factory closed, and with it went more than 150 jobs. I applaud Serious Materials’ investment in Pennsylvania and the steps they are taking to put many of those men and women back to work. With the support of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, as well as our own state programs, we have new resources to invest in these industries and our people to make these projects a reality.”

“Today, we start rebuilding. Today, we write a new beginning to this story. We will get this economy back on track,” said Kevin Surace, CEO, Serious Materials. “We are going to get serious about efficiency and we are going to bring a new life to American manufacturing. The work must start with the people - people like the dedicated workers from Kensington who form the bedrock of the community.”

Kensington Windows is one of Serious Materials’ two acquisitions this year. Having acquired the Kensington assets in January, Serious Materials began producing its energy SeriousWindows just a few weeks later. The company hired back a number of former Kensington employees and looks to hire more than 100 workers as the demand increases. The second acquisition was Republic Windows in Chicago, which was announced late last month and will be re-opened next month.