Due to the success of its GreenGlass sheathing that was launched in late 2008, the company has created this specialized product for use in elevators and mechanical/electrical shafts, stairwells and area separation walls. GreenGlass provides maximum protection against mold, moisture, fire and unwanted noise, making it a good choice for multi-family, townhomes, hospitals, offices, schools or any environment in which protection is key. It is produced with the TemShield Mold Protection System engineered into its gypsum core and is faced on both sides with naturally mold- and moisture-resistant fiberglass mat. The product has an exposure warranty for up to 12 months. The liner panels also contain at least 90-percent recycled content. GreenGlass is U.L. approved for use in multiple 2-hour shaftwall and area separation wall assemblies. Manufactured with double-beveled edges, an easy-to-handle 2 foot width, 1 inch thickness and lengths of 8, 10 and 12 feet, the product is designed to make application faster, more efficient and require a smaller crew than masonry construction.

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