Thermafiber Inc. has launched its new VersaBoard product line -the newest product designed to meet multiple needs in commercial construction. VersaBoard is available in four densities (3.5 to 8.0 pcf). Like all Thermafiber insulation, VersaBoard is engineered to provide thermal insulation, fire protection and exceptional sound and noise absorption. Thermafiber can apply a variety of facings to VersaBoard during manufacturing to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of a building. VersaBoard also repels moisture and can be an exposed interior surface. Like all Thermafiber mineral wool products, VersaBoard has the highest recycled content (up to 90 percent) of any commercial insulation. VersaBoard contributes up to 33 LEED credits across four categories. Thermafiber mineral wool insulation helps buildings conserve energy, control noise, improve indoor air quality, improve life safety and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For more information,