Georgia-Pacific Gypsum, the first manufacturer to offer extended Weather Exposure Limited Warranties for fiberglass mat gypsum panels, is now doubling the weather exposure limited warranty for its entire line of DensArmor Plus interior panels from six months to 12 months. All of the following Georgia-Pacific Gypsum fiberglass mat interior panels now offer a 12-month weather exposure limited warranty:

- DensArmor Plus High-Performance Interior Panels
- DensArmor Plus Abuse-Resistant Interior Panels
- DensArmor Plus Impact-Resistant Interior Panels

These interior products join Georgia-Pacific Gypsum’s exterior products, its flagship DensGlass Sheathing and DensGlass Shaftliner, in offering the industry-leading 12-month weather exposure limited warranty for the U.S. and Canadian markets.

According to Mike Clay, vice president, sales and marketing for Georgia-Pacific Gypsum, the move to lengthen the weather exposure limited warranty for the DensArmor Plus Interior Panels line was based on the ongoing stellar performance of the products, which were first introduced in 2002.

Recently, the DensArmor Plus High-Performance Interior Panels, along with DensShield Tile Backer, became the first gypsum panel products to pass the industry’s most stringent mold resistance test. The 12-week test, conducted in accordance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ASTM D 6329 protocol, is three times longer and much more rigorous than ASTM D 3273, the current industry standard.

The 12-month weather exposure limited warranty extension and the 12-week test results continue the long history of “firsts” achieved by Georgia-Pacific Gypsum via its Dens family of products, which were first introduced more than 20 years ago.

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum was the first company to offer fiberglass mat products, the first to score a 10, the highest rating, when tested, as manufactured, under ASTM D 3273 and the first to offer an extended weather exposure limited warranty.

In other company news, Georgia-Pacific Gypsum announced that its assembly for retrofitting lightweight commercial roof decks based on its DensDeck Roof Board product can reduce sound penetration by more than 50 percent.

According to the results of acoustical performance tests conducted in December 2009 by Architectural Testing Inc., the roof deck assembly with remediation components received a STC rating of 54, vs. a rating of 43 for the baseline assembly alone. This 11 decibel improvement equals a reduction in sound penetration of more than 50 percent.

The DensDeck Roof Board-based lightweight commercial roofing sound remediation assembly includes the following layered components, which were used in the acoustical tests: 1-inch rigid mineral fiber board, 5/8-inch DensDeck Roof Board, and 45-mil TPO roofing membrane.

The assembly is designed for buildings with low-slope roofs in the vicinity of airports or other high-decibel environments. These include hotels, apartments, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, schools and other low-rise commercial buildings. The acoustical tests of the Georgia-Pacific remediation assembly were conducted in accordance with four industry-standard testing methodologies (ASTM E 90-09, ASTM E 413-04, ASTM E 1332-90 and ASTM E 22350-04).

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