Developed by the International Masonry Institute, the Sustainable Masonry Certification Program educates union masonry contractors on the nuts-and-bolts of sustainability practices and their role in the LEED certification process, making contractors a valuable part of LEED project teams.

The course addresses subcontractor responsibilities from estimating and project scope to project management and documentation. It covers the LEED credits every masonry contractor should know, plus green strategies like site use and construction waste management. Contractors are tested to verify their ability to fulfill LEED responsibilities.

“When masonry contractors understand how they can contribute to successful LEED projects, everybody wins,” said IMI President Joan Calambokidis. “A LEED project’s evolution from concept to reality can make a big difference in whether LEED goals are achieved.”

To date, 31 contractors from Washington D.C. to Washington State have been certified, while upcoming sessions in Virginia, Ohio, California, New Jersey and Illinois are expected to educate hundreds more.

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