Unload drywall without tethering

Adapa Inc.

Leaning out an opening to reach for sheets of drywall can be a concern to you and OSHA. The easy to install DrywallGATE assists in unloading drywall, without tethering. It incorporates a one-way barrier gate. Drywall glides into an opening providing the worker protection from a misstep when reaching for the next sheet of drywall. For more information, visitwww.adapausa.com.

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Crayler Forklift


With lifting capacities ranging from 4,500 to 6,500 pounds, the Palfinger Crayler forklift offers exceptional power, speed and the maneuverability needed to deliver wallboard over rugged terrain, through crowded work sites, into tight spaces, on tight schedules with ease and reliability-in fewer trips. For more information on the Palfinger forklift line, please visit our Web site atwww.palfinger-northamerica.com.



Outwater’s Genuine Stone Tiles comprise 100% natural stones that are individually adhered in mosaic or stacked patterns onto mesh-style backings to create easy-to-install, seamless interlocking tiles. Ideally suited for interior or exterior use in a vast range of residential and commercial new construction or renovation projects, Outwater’s Genuine Stone Tiles are offered in a variety of exotic and traditional round and flat stones in numerous styles and colors to suit a wide assortment of vertical or horizontal applications. Visitwww.outwater.com

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Deflection Clip

Flex-Ability Concepts

The Three Legged Dog deflection clip by Flex-Ability Concepts eliminates fumbling or dropped clips. Slide the clip onto the top end of the stud. With the clip attached, raise the stud into the deep-leg track and snap into place. Then, secure the clip using conventional fasteners. The Three Legged Dog allows for 1⁷⁄₈-inch of total deflection.www.flexabilityconcepts.com

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New Water Alley Wall Drainage Mat!

Demand Products Inc.

The company’s new WaterAlley Water Drainage Mat features:

Drainage and House Wrap (WRB)

Redirects Moisture

3/16 inch to 3/4 inch with House Wrap

Exceeds AC-24 Drainage for EIFS

Ask your sales representative or visit the Web site atwww.demandproducts.com.

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10 Years Of Ceiling Recycling

Armstrong Ceilings

The Armstrong Ceiling Recycling Program, the first and longest running program of its kind, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Since it began the program, Armstrong has reclaimed 80 million square feet of discarded tiles, representing 11,000 dumpsters full of construction waste that would have been sent to landfills. For more information, visitarmstrong.com/recycling.

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Stainless Steel Accessories


Alabama Metal Industries Inc. introduces Stainless Steel Accessories as part of its ongoing development of its SS304 brand, providing max corrosion protection. The initial offering will be in X-1 Corner Bead, X-66 Casing Bead and X-15 Control Joint (M-Type), stocking the 3/4 inch grounds in distribution centers across the U.S. AMICO’s decision to produce the stainless accessories as well as the T 304 lath came from numerous requests from architects and building owners. We are delighted to offer both components as a system in our ever growing stainless steel family. Additionally, max corrosion protection is most beneficial on the exposed surfaces found in corner, casing and control joints and can be used independently of the SS Lath. For more information, visitwww.amico-online.com.

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Weather Defense Platinum

Lafarge North America Inc.

Lafarge Weather Defense Platinum is a moisture- and mold-resistant exterior wall sheathing designed to be covered by an exterior-finish cladding. It is lightweight, scores, cuts and fastens easily, and provides irritation-resistant handling. It also provides protection in most applications, under normal weather conditions, from exposure to the elements for up to 12 months. For more information, please contact your area sales manager or the Lafarge Customer Value Department. Visitwww.lafarge-na.comfor further information.

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HYDROTRIM corners install in two easy steps: simply spray with water, and press on. No need for staples, screws or messy adhesives. HYDROTRIM uses less mud to install and finish, saving you money. Goes on fast, saving you time. From Structus Building Technologies, the makers of NO-COAT. For more information, visitwww.hydrotrimcorner.com

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Updated Web site

Apla-Tech Inc.

Apla-Tech Inc., manufacturer of Continuous Flow and Pneumatic “air” drywall finishing tools, welcomes you to review our new Web site page. Watch streaming videos of drywall taping and finishing tools at our job sites. Review information on drywall tools, pumps, texture sprayers and more atwww.apla-tech.com.

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The Company offers Moisture Proof Wall & Ceiling Panels for use on Porches and Swimming Pool Rooms. Perfect for Non-Food Contact Surfaces in the Food Processing, and Bottling Plants. P3000 Beaded Panels (shown on top) and P1300 Flat Panels (shown on bottom) do not support mold or mildew per ASTM D3273 and D3274.


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Master Wall

Rollershield is a fluid-applied water barrier designed for use over wood, masonry and approved gypsum substrates. Unlike sheet goods, Rollershield offers 100 percent protection with no taping or rattling in the wind. Rollershield is used as part of Master Wall’s Rollershield Drainage EIFS and stucco applications. It can even be used to flash into window openings. For more information, visitwww.masterwall.com.

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Fully automatic, power adjustable tool

Powers Fasteners

The PA351 is a lightweight, heavy-duty fully automatic powder actuated tool with 10-pin strip fastener magazine for high volume applications. This tool fastens up to 700 nails per hour for increased productivity. It features an easy drop-in magazine for one-handed operation. A power adjuster provides variable load level choices and the tool automatically cycles the load. The new pin-strip design eliminates jams.

• .27 Caliber

• 10 Fastener Magazine

• 1⁵⁄₈ inch Pin Capacity

Visitwww.powers.comfor more information.

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Commercial Coatings

Quikspray Inc.

Quikspray Inc. is celebrating 50 years of business in the commercial coatings industry. The company manufactures application equipment (The Carrousel Pump line) and mixing equipment (Quikstir Mixers) that are distributed worldwide throughout more than 60 countries. Fireproofing, acoustics, interior and exterior textures, and plaster, stucco, deck coatings, epoxies, waterproofing, artificial rocks and waterfalls, and pool plasters are just some of the many coatings that can be applied with Quikspray pumps and mixers.www.quikspray.com.

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Total Wall

The only Acrylic Siliconized Finish with Elastomeric Flexible Properties on the market today at your everyday regular price for a standard acrylic. What’s the secret? Superior product chemistry and over 30 years of experience making the best quality coatings available! Total Wall Journeyman Finishes are mold and mildew resistant, flexible, Siliconized and 100 percent acrylic.

• Exceptional coverage

• Excellent workability

• Easy to spread

• Easy to float

• Works great over EIFS basecoats and hard coat stucco

Contact us for a free sample and visitwww.totalwall.com.

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Insulfoam, North America’s largest manufacturer of block-molded expanded polystyrene, offers R-Tech, a high performance rigid insulation EPS panel. R-Tech is available with factory laminated metallic facers, white facers or a combination of the two and is ideal for both commercial and residential cavity and interior wall applications. R-Tech has enhanced R-values and is environmentally friendly. For more information, visitwww.insulfoam.com.

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Taping Tools and Spray Equipment


Automatic Taping Tools

Spray Equipment


Sanding Equipment

Family owned and operated since 1985. Please visit the Web sitewww.drywalltools.comfor specials on full-sets of taping tools and other drywall products!

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Truck-mounted Forklift


Palfinger is the world’s leading manufacturer of truck-mounted material-handling cranes used for the delivery of gypsum board. We offer several models of cranes that provide greater lift, reach and cost savings for material handling applications. For more information on the Palfinger line of material handling cranes, please visit our Web site atwww.palfinger-northamerica.com.

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