Olea Specialty Products

Olea Specialty Products introduces the Vivaldi Venetian Plaster system by La Calce Del Brenta to North America. This easy-to-use system features more than 200 colors, a beautiful color catalog and “Stucky” Venetian plaster in three convenient bucket sizes. For more information,

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xtrutech PLASTICS INC.

Offers Moisture Proof Wall & Ceiling Panels for use on Porches, Swimming Pool Rooms. Perfect for Non-Food Contact Surfaces in the Food Processing, and Bottling Plants. P3000 Beaded Panels (shown on top) and P1300 Flat Panels (shown on bottom) do not support mold or mildew per ASTM D3273 and

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Now you can easily and economically recreate the idyllic look afforded by authentic, aged, hand-hewn oak beams with Outwater’s high-density polyurethane Faux Wood Beams. Not only lightweight and sturdy, Outwater’s Ancient Rustic, Modern, Contemporary and Vintage format Faux Wood Beams are easy to install on virtually any type of surface. Stocked in various lengths, widths and thicknesses, Outwater’s Faux Wood Beams are indistinguishable from the beams after which they have been patterned.

For more information,

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Portable Heat Wave FES-Series

Fostoria Industries Inc.

Fostoria’s “Heat Wave” Heater is becoming one of the top choices for construction companies throughout the USA. The Heat Wave can raise the temperature 40 degrees F in a building from 1,000 to 2,000 square feet at ceiling heights of 15 feet and under, in a time frame of about two hours. This is accomplished by recycling the confined air in the building. The heat is efficient, clean, safe and controlled thermostatically and has a convenient fan only switch to keep the confined air circulating.

Features of the Fostoria Heat Wave Series are as follows:

• Available in Three Sizes: 10, 15 & 30 kw (34,130 / 51,195 / 102,390 BTU’s).

• Three Voltage Options: 208v, 240v & 480v in both single and three-phase.

• Safe, Clean and UL / C-UL Listed.

• Fostoria Heat Waves are very quiet and maintenance free!

• No dangerous fumes or lost time refueling!

• Fostoria Heat Waves are made in the USA!

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Deflection Clip

Flex-Ability Concepts

The Three Legged Dog deflection clip by Flex-Ability Concepts eliminates fumbling or dropped clips. Slide the clip onto the top end of the stud. With the clip attached, raise the stud into the deep-leg track and snap into place. Then, secure the clip using conventional fasteners. The Three Legged Dog allows for 1⁷⁄₈-inch of total deflection.

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Commercial Coatings

Quikspray Inc.

Quikspray Inc. is celebrating 50 years of business in the commercial coatings industry. The company manufactures application equipment (The Carrousel Pump line) and mixing equipment (Quikstir Mixers) that are distributed worldwide throughout more than 60 countries. Fireproofing, acoustics, interior and exterior textures, and plaster, stucco, deck coatings, epoxies, waterproofing, artificial rocks and waterfalls, and pool plasters are just some of the many coatings that can be applied with Quikspray pumps and

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Unload Drywall without Tethering

Adapa Inc.

Leaning out an opening to reach for sheets of drywall can be a concern to you and OSHA. The easy-to-install DrywallGATE assists in unloading drywall, without tethering. It incorporates a one-way barrier gate. Drywall glides into an opening, providing the worker protection from a misstep when reaching for the next sheet of drywall. Visitwww.adapausa.comfor more information.

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Updated Web Site

Apla-Tech Inc.

Apla-Tech Inc., manufacturer of Continuous Flow and Pneumatic “air” drywall finishing tools, welcomes you to review our new Web site page. Watch streaming videos of drywall taping and finishing tools at our job sites. Review information on drywall tools, pumps, texture sprayers and more

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Improved Water Barrier

Master Wall

Rollershield is a fluid-applied water barrier designed for use over wood, masonry and approved gypsum substrates. Unlike sheet goods, Rollershield offers 100 percent protection with no taping or rattling in the wind. Rollershield is used as part of Master Wall’s Rollershield Drainage EIFS and stucco applications. It can even be used to flash into window openings. For more information,

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Journeyman Finish from Total Wall, America's EIFS & Stucco Company!

Total Wall

The only Acrylic Siliconized Finish with Elastomeric Flexible Properties on the market today at your everyday regular price for a standard acrylic. What’s the secret? Superior product chemistry and over 30 years of experience making the best quality coatings available! Total Wall Journeyman Finishes are mold and mildew resistant, flexible, Siliconized and 100 percent acrylic.

• Exceptional coverage

• Excellent workability

• Easy to spread

• Easy to float

• Works great over EIFS basecoats and hard coat stucco

Contact us for a free sample and visit

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New and Improved Rapid Deco L5

Lafarge North America

The product features an improvement to Lafarge’s patented factory applied Level 5 skim coat technology. This new technology, perfected in Europe, provides a smoother, slicker surface coating which is pre-applied to the gypsum board during the manufacturing process and prior to arriving on the job site. The Rapid Deco Level 5 System includes a matching joint compound that provides a consistent texture and absorption to match the board surface. For more information,

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Curved Wall Track

TSN-The Steel Network

The Steel Network’s CircleTrak provides installers with a simplified and efficient curved wall track. CircleTrak is easily shaped by hand, requires no customized tools or hammers, and its unique strap design maintains the curve shape until permanently installed. Make CircleTrak your choice for curved wall installation. CircleTrak is available through your local dealer. Visitwww.steelnetwork.comfor more details.

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Maximize Your Outside 90s

Structus Building Technologies

NO-COAT outperforms metal, plastic, and paper faced metal bead in labor and material savings, durability and long-term performance. Use ULTRA-TRIM on your outside 90s for easy installations and straight, crisp corners that will not dent or crack. Visit our web videos hear how NO-COAT is giving contractors the competitive edge.

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New Super 2009 Catalog

Demand Products Inc.

The company’s New Super Catalog features great items for 2009:

• Weather Out Window & Door Flashing
• Green Gobler
• Foam Waste Recycler
• BigMax
• 15 and 60 EIFS Pumps
• Float Private Label Program and More

Get yours today online

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Fully Automatic, Power Adjustable Tool

Powers Fasteners

The PA351 is a lightweight, heavy-duty fully automatic powder actuated tool with 10-pin strip fastener magazine for high volume applications. This tool fastens up to 700 nails per hour for increased productivity. It features an easy drop-in magazine for one-handed operation. A power adjuster provides variable load level choices and the tool automatically cycles the load. The new pin-strip design eliminates jams.

• .27 Caliber
• 10 Fastener Magazine
• 1⁵⁄₈ inch Pin Capacity

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