Dryvit Systems Inc. announced that its proprietary StratoTone high performance colorant technology is now available as an option for any project. The technology has been utilized on a limited basis for several years by numerous national accounts, helping meet their needs for bright, vivid colors with high fade resistance, that match their branded color standards.

The colorants can be used in all company manufactured pigmented, textured finishes, as well as in Dryvit’s Demandit, Weathercoat, Weatherlastic Smooth and Revyvit coatings. In addition to its resistance to UV degradation, the pigments are VOC and APEO free, meeting the most stringent environmental and regulatory requirements.

“StratoTone colorants offer the highest level of performance, which is what our customers have come to expect from Dryvit for more than 40 years,” said Tony Stall, vice president of marketing and sustainability at Dryvit Systems. “… architects can now specify virtually any color, on any project and get a warranty against fading.”

The StratoTone special color warranty guarantees the finish and coatings will contain fade resistant pigments that will not fade in excess of CMC 2:1, Commercial Factor 1, as per ASTM D2244-2€1 when applied in accordance with Dryvit’s written specifications and application instructions.