Wallboarder's Buddy

The Wallboarder’s Buddy is an ergonomically designed, user-friendly scoring and measuring machine for the drywall trade. It is capable of cutting a sheet of wallboard to any length or width without the use of a measuring tape, utility knife, drywall square, chalk line, straight edge or ripping tools. The tool’s design consists of a pivoting cutter head that is slideably mounted on a parallel square. Forcing the pivoting action of the cutter head outwardly extends one of two opposing utility knife blades. When pressure is released the cutter head returns to a centered position drawing the blade back inside the body. The T square and its scale are based on the 2-foot increments that drywall is manufactured in and the methodology boarder’s use to drywall a house. A toolless blade change system has been incorporated into the cutter head. It uses standard utility knife blades that can be purchased in any hardware store. Blade storage is also obtained inside the cutter head body.