Armstrong Ceilings

The company has added nine new patterns to its MetalWorks Mesh family of ceilings. The new portfolio now totals 18 standard patterns including eleven Woven Wire panel options, three Welded Wire options, and four Expanded Metal options. The company has also added 12 new custom patterns to the line, bringing that portion of the portfolio to twenty different design options. Ideal for use in applications ranging from retail, hospitality and transportation to office, healthcare and higher education, the panels measure 2 feet by 2 feet in size and install quickly and easily in a standard 15/16-inch suspension system. All MetalWorks Mesh ceilings are manufactured from cold-rolled or stainless steel except the Cascades panel, which is aluminum. All panels also have borders or finished edges for simple and safe handling and installation. Seven standard colors are offered, as well as three premium options.