Chicago Metallic

Designed to meet the needs of architects who must create ceilings to fill wide, spanning spaces, Chicago Metallic introduces SpanAir Plank Ceiling Systems, SpanAir Clip-in Ceiling Panels and SpanAir Torsion Spring Ceiling Panels. As an a expansion of Chicago Metallic’s metal ceiling products, SpanAir systems are manufactured to offer unrivalled sustainability whether in high content recycled aluminum or steel. The SpanAir product line is part of a whole new generation of metal ceiling products that will offer the marketplace great alternatives to the conventional ceiling systems of the past. SpanAir Plank Metal Ceiling System is available in custom or standard versions, SpanAir Planks offer the architect a variety of design and installation choices. SpanAir Hook-in planks are manufactured with a patent pending feature called EZ-Hook-in tabs that allow the planks to nest easily in the web of the T-bar based suspension grid. Accessibility to the plenum is achieved by raising any of the planks at any point in the ceiling. SpanAir Hook-in planks are available up to eight feet long and in 12-inch or 24-inch widths only. For more information, visit