Welcome to Walls & Ceilings’ Annual Tool & Equipment Guide, a showcase of product availability from companies catering to contractors in North America. 

Welcome to Walls & Ceilings’ Annual Tool & Equipment Guide, a showcase of product availability from companies catering to contractors in North America. Presenting new and existing product lines, the following showcase displays a collective assortment of the tools of the trade within all realms of the walls and ceilings community.

This year, the product submissions were paid entries. The magazine thanks all the companies that participated for their support. To receive additional information on a product or company, circle the reader action card included in the back of this issue. For more information on suppliers, manufacturers and distributors, visit W&C’s 2010/2011 Industry Blue Book online at www.wconline.com/bluebook.

Aerosmith Fastening Systems

5621 Dividend Road
Indianapolis, IN 46241
(800) 528-8183


Aerosmith’s popular VersaPin tools are faster than screws to help you shorten job time and increase profits. Aerosmith’s VersaPin tools are light weight and feature depth of drive adjustment with active centering. Whether you are attaching plywood, fiber cement siding, Gypsum or lath, VersaPin will help you get it done fast.

Ball-Consulting Ltd.


For more than 30 years, Ball-Consulting Ltd. has been supplying the GFRC, Forton MG and GRG markets with materials, technology and training. The company supplies the Forton polymers, NEGA AR fibers and Polytek mold materials. Recently the Fast Stone Cement product line has been introduced. BCL is now distributing the RimSpray GFRC Mini line of mixers and sprayers.


1800 W. Central Rd.
Mt. Prospect, IL 60056
877) BOSCH-99


The GLL2-80 from Bosch Measuring Tools is the world’s first 360° dual-plane line laser. Capable of projecting constant lines on both vertical and horizontal planes, the GLL2-80 is ideal for alignment and leveling applications when installing cabinets, floor and wall tiling, drop ceilings, interior framing, decorative finish and trim work and more. For specific applications, the GLL2-80 quickly switches between dual-plane, vertical-only and horizontal-only modes, providing best-in-class flexibility for the user.


1800 W. Central Rd.
Mt. Prospect, IL 60056
(877) BOSCH-99


Unlike traditional auger bits, the Nailkiller employs an innovative reinforced tip that effectively pushes hidden nails to the side when the bit makes contact and allows a more aggressive part of the bit to cut through the fasteners. The result is an auger bit that lasts, on average, nine times longer. The bit also greatly reduces the torque reaction commonly associated with hitting hidden fasteners in deep wood drilling applications. Bits are available in lengths ranging from 7½ to 24 inch, and diameters from 1/4 inch to 1½ inch.


1800 W. Central Rd.
Mt. Prospect, IL 60056
(877) BOSCH-99


The GCM12SD 12-inch Dual-Bevel Glide Miter Saw is a new miter saw system. Its Axial-Glide system eliminates three key challenges miter saw users have endured since the first slide systems debuted many years ago. While the traditional sliding compound miter saw approach enables users to make wider cross cuts that system takes up more space and is prone to misalignment and stickiness over time. By replacing the sliding rail system with a hinged or articulating glide arm system, Bosch created a more compact miter saw. The Axial-Glide system operates by folding the articulated arm flush with the back of the saw, saving up to 12-inch of workspace.

Demand Products, Inc.

Demand Foam Systems
1055 Nine North Drive
Alpharetta, GA 30004
(770) 772-7448 ext. 33
(800) 325-7540 ext. 33


Demand Products is a manufacturer and distributor of tools and fasteners for EIFS, Foam Cutting and Coating Equipment, including Manual and CNC Hot Wire and Robotic Fabricating equipment for construction and related areas. The company has served contractors worldwide for 27 years. Demand Products offers same-day shipping, Web site and free catalogs.

DeWALT Industrial Tool Co.

701 E. Joppa Road, TW425
Baltimore, MD 21286
(888) 433-9258


DeWALT’s 12 Volt MAX* Lithium Ion system combines compact design with the power and features contractors need. Each tool incorporates features to improve performance. Three LED lights on the screwdriver, impact driver and impact wrench provide visibility without shadows. A new 1/4-inch one-hand loading hex chuck on the impact driver and screwdriver allows users to simply push the bit in with one hand to lock it in place, and it accepts a 1-inch bit tip to fit into the tight spaces.

*Maximum initial battery pack voltage (measured without a workload) is 12 volts. Measured under a workload, nominal voltage is 10.8.

J&J Industries Inc.

20296 Cedar Valley Road
Jordan, MN  55352
(952) 492-6073
Fax (952) 492-6297


The Wedjji is a new hand tool for centering a doorframe on the floor track, as well as centering the stud within the door or window frame. The tool is an affordable tool that will help set doors more efficiently, saving time and money. The product is available in multiple sizes.

Marshalltown Co.

104 South 8th Avenue
Marshalltown, IA 50158
(800) 888-0127
Fax (800) 477-6341


The Premier Line of Automatic Taping Tools has arrived. Marshalltown by Columbia Taping Tools is precision engineered and designed to run at peak performance. Tough and durable, these tools are built to withstand the toughest of working conditions.

Powers Fasteners, Inc.

2 Powers Lane
Brewster, N.Y. 10509
(914) 235-6300
Fax (914) 576-6483


Whether you are anchoring to concrete, steel or the middle of an I-Beam, Powers Fasteners’ new C.S.I. Pins and Ceiling Clips have all your applications covered! When you investigate the features and benefits that these C.S.I. products offer, you’ll be sold. Let us count the ways.

Quikspray, Inc.

P.O. Box 327
Port Clinton, OH 43545
(419) 732-2611
Fax (419) 734-2628


Workability and final results start with a proper homogeneous mix, when operated at recommended speeds. The Cage Mixer draws the material into and through the blades, which by shear action, evenly disperses and blends the ingredients. The resulting mix has a smooth and air-free consistency. These individually hand built mixers are manufactured in the U.S. from high-strength hot and cold rolled steel and they are the industry standard for many types of wet and dry materials.

Quikspray Inc.

P.O. Box 327
Port Clinton, OH 43545
(419) 732-2611
Fax (419) 734-2628


The four balanced mixing blades with replaceable rubber wipers allow for proper homogeneous mixing of many different products including, fireproofing, plaster, cements or epoxy. The adjustable legs (with wheels) allow for proper working height no matter what it is dumped into, whether a Carrousel Pump or wheel borrow. The bottom dump feature offers quick transfer of mixed product. The sealed S/S drive shaft, high torque gearbox and rugged design make for low or no maintenance.

Quikspray Inc.

P.O. Box 327
Port Clinton, OH 43545
(419) 732-2611
Fax (419) 734-2628


The Carrousel Pump by Quikspray Inc. is a versatile low/no maintenance pump that uses the peristaltic or squeeze principal which allows easy pumping of aggregated and/or fibered products. Specially designed couplings, along with a low restrictive interior, keep pumping pressures to a minimum. No internal parts come in contact with material except for the interior of the hoses and gun. Worldwide acceptance is due to ease of operation and fast simple cleanup. A sponge is introduced at the hopper opening with a couple of additional gallons of water (or solvent) and the internal system is cleaned.

Radius Track Corp.

9320 Evergreen Blvd. N.W., Ste. G
Minneapolis, MN 55433
(763) 795-8885
Fax (763) 795-8884


The Radius Track Bender is an ingenious, portable, on-the-job site tool that allows you to create curved studs and track easily, accurately and conveniently. The Track Bender can form stud and track profiles up to 20-gauge thick and 6 inches wide-without requiring you to cut or slit the metal.

Rodenhouse Inc.

974 Front NW #100
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
(616) 454-3100


The Plasti-Grip CBW washers fasten commercial building wrap over exterior gypsum and steel studs. Plasti-Grip CBW are fastened using auto-feed screw guns for EPS (EIFS), rigid foam, or building wrap, for rapid installation. The cup around the washer’s center hole is designed to seal the screw’s penetration from water intrusion.

Triangle Fastener Corporation

1925 Preble Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15233
(800) 486-1832
Fax (412) 321-7838


Triangle Fastener Corporation supplies a full line of tools and accessories for drilling, driving, cutting and sawing. We carry all major brands of standard and specialty tools that are designed for the professional contractor. Jobsite support and training programs are available from all of our 23 locations to assure proper tool use.

Trimble Construction Tools

8261 State Route 235
Dayton, OH 45424
(888) 527-3771
Fax (937) 482-0030


The Spectra Precision LP30 and LP50 laser pointers compliment our full line of laser productivity tools and are designed to handle a wide range of interior construction applications. The LP30 projects three beams; the LP50 projects 5 beams. Both products project beams to 100 feet and are automatically self-leveling. Features include 3-foot drop durability and a three-year warranty.


3700 W Pratt Ave.
Lincolnwood, IL 60626
(800) 874-2333


Trim-Tex’s Black Widow 540 Pro Sander is the most efficient sander on the market. With its No-flip design and 60 percent larger sanding surface, the tool allows you to sand wide seams and into corners without changing tools. Manufactured in the U.S., it features patented hooks molded into the tool that secures the all in one foam and grit sanding pad. The quick change system assures that you have no separate foam pads that wear out.

Wall Boarder's Buddy

Tool Company Ltd.
414 Viewcrest Road, 
Kelowna, B.C. Canada, V1W 4J8
(250) 878-1109


The Wallboarder’s Buddy is an ergonomically designed, user-friendly scoring and measuring machine for the drywall trade. It is capable of cutting a sheet of wallboard to any length or width without the use of a measuring tape, utility knife, drywall square, chalk line, straight edge or ripping tools. The tool’s design consists of a pivoting cutter head that is slideably mounted on a parallel square. Forcing the pivoting action of the cutter head outwardly extends one of two opposing utility knife blades. When pressure is released the cutter head returns to a centered position drawing the blade back inside the body. It uses standard utility knife blades that can be purchased in any hardware store. Blade storage is also obtained inside the cutter head body.

Warehouse Bay

121 Cherry St.
West Reading, PA 19611
(610) 372-3411
Fax (610) 372-2314


Warehouse Bay offers a free full line catalog with thousands of tools, fasteners and accessories for drywall, plaster, wall repair, stucco, stone, EIFS and ICFs. Fast, friendly service from a team of knowledgeable and experienced customer service associates. Same day shipping.