Arxx Corp. has completed the process to have all of its products available in Google SketchUp 3-D, a user-friendly modeling program incorporating a drawing system and product models. Using SketchUp can incorporate the company’s ICF products into buildings instantly, making the design process easier and faster than ever.

“We take leadership and innovation seriously,” said Gael Mourant, president and CEO of Arxx. “Being a leader requires taking the steps to continually evolve products and services. We want to ensure that designing and building with our products is as easy and accessible as possible. We recognize the role that technology is playing in facilitating how people design buildings. Google SketchUp is another complementary tool being added to our existing technical resource base.”

Access to the SketchUp product models can made through the Technical Resources section The addition of SketchUp complements the existing BIM files and CAD product and design library.