CertainTeed Corp. announced that its closed cell spray polyurethane foam insulation CertaSpray has met the Florida Building Commission’s 2007 Florida Building Code Performance Standards for wind uplift resistance.

When applied directly as a 3-inch fillet to the junction of the roof plywood deck and the roof rafter/truss top chords, CertaSpray was found to have a resistance of 153 pounds per square foot. This roughly equates to the wind speed found in a Category 4 hurricane.

The adhesion strength of CertaSpray can help reduce building damage during tropical storms and hurricanes. According to Applied Research Associates Inc., the roof deck attachment during a hurricane is critical to the survival of the building. Once a building loses one or more pieces of roof deck, the insurance losses increase exponentially due to the vast amount of water that enters the building.

“Helping to create an adhesive roofing assembly that is resistant to wind uplift is critical for homes and structures that are susceptible to destructive storms,” said Lionel Rossignol, product manager, CertainTeed Insulation. “The use of CertaSpray in the roof assembly also provides a significant boost to the energy efficiency and comfort of home.”

The product can be applied to the underside of roof decks, walls, cathedral ceilings and attics to provide an effective, tight thermal and air barrier. The result is a reduction in air infiltration, as well as significantly lower heating and cooling costs for the home/building owner