Read about products from Apla-Tech, Armourcoat Surface Finishes, PHILLIPS Manufacturing, Sto Corp. and Wind-lock.

EIFS weather resistant barrier pumps

Apla-Tech Inc.

The company offers two weather resistant barrier pumps to spray liquid air and water resistant barrier products for the EIFS industry. These inexpensive, lightweight 10- and 15-gallon reservoir pumps come with a standard 50-foot material line, trigger gun and fan texture tip. Spraying the product results in tremendous labor savings compared to the alternative roller or trowel application methods.

EIFS, stucco and EPS decorative finish

Armourcoat Surface Finishes Inc.

ArmourCast External is a custom-cast exterior grade architectural product comprised of 50 percent recycled marble, Portland cement and mineral oxides. The finished product has the durability and decorative finish of quarried stone. Usually cast over an EPS foam core, the product is lightweight and easy to install and its appearance makes it well-suited for a variety of ornamental architectural shapes such as window sills and door surrounds, column wraps, moldings, fireplace surrounds, keystones, crown molding and more. It is offered in a range of stock molds, finishes and colors. Custom colors and finishes are also available. Single use molds are created using EPS foam, which reduces lead time needed to create traditional molding and cast methods.

Weep screed for stucco applications

PHILLIPS Manufacturing Inc.

Phillips J-Weep is a versatile product used in several applications. J-Weep is commonly used as a casing bead or plaster stop in stucco applications. The punched weep holes allow for use as a sill weep screed in exterior stucco applications. This product features a 3½-inch nailing flange meeting applicable code requirements. Perforated flanges aid attachment and plaster keying. This galvanized steel product is available in 3/8-, 1/2-, 7/8- and 1 3⁄8-inch grounds.

Advanced cavity wall system with waterproof air barrier

Sto Corp.

StoEnergy Guard is an integrated cavity wall solution that is used for protection under multiple cladding types, including stone, siding, stucco and more. It integrates a fluid applied waterproof air barrier, sheathing joint and rough opening protection, proven drainage technology and approved continuous insulation into a flexible system that can be designed to meet individual climate zone and building code requirements. Easy to install, the system offers a choice of compatible components for specific design and climate needs. Not only does it work under most cladding types but also in buildings that combine more than one cladding, such as stone and stucco. For increased safety and comfort, StoGuard reduces energy use in hot and cold climates and is comprised of Class A building materials tested for low flame spread and smoke development. Designed to protect the entire building, it offers improved air quality and thermal comfort as well as resistance to mold and mildew.

Eco-friendly trowels for EIFS


As an addition to its Comfort Soft trowel line, the company is offering leather and cork handles developed with the same German engineering. These handles made from natural materials are manufactured from renewable resources. Both the leather and the cork handles are open pored, shock absorbing and extremely comfortable in the hand. They also provide 100-percent blister-free work.