Knockdown Knives: Diamond Wall

Lexan Knockdown Knives are manufactured of high-quality lexan that is both flexible and durable. Designed for sharp or rounded corners with one rounded edge and one squared off edge, the knives are for use with EIFS, as well as drywall.

Reduced Dust Stucco: LaHabra Stucco

Incorporating Dust Less Technology, this specially-formulated product was developed to reduce the amount of dust produced when mixed, making it environmentally responsible and creating healthier working conditions. This reformulation in stucco allows it to go on the wall with ease allowing the applicator more control over application and reducing arm fatigue. The stucco also requires less water during the mixing process reducing the impact on natural resources.

Exterior Finish: Master Wall

Refinish can be used to create any decorative look. The company’s finishes range from traditional Spanish styles, knockdowns or stencil patterns to the delicately mottled look of a limestone. It is available in the company’s Superior DPR formula and as an elastomeric version in almost any color. Excel mildew protection or silicone can be added without reducing the polymer content.

Water deflection and Ventilation System: Benjamin Obdyke Inc.

Mortairvent is specifically designed for use behind manufactured stone, stucco, EIFS and brick to keep exterior walls dry and free from moisture that causes deterioration due to mold and rot. When installed, it creates a ventilation cavity between the vapor barrier and the exterior wall.  The system is designed to extend the service life of wall components by creating the necessary air space in a rainscreen wall assembly. Its patented, three-dimensional matrix manages water entry by allowing it to enter and exit, drains away bulk water that does seep in behind cladding, and speeds drying of moisture that accumulates in the interior wall assembly.

Water-Resistive Barrier: Dryvit Systems Inc.

Backstop DMS is a dry-bagged product designed to help contractors be more productive, efficient and profitable by combining two critical steps-the water-resistive protection for the substrate and the adhesive to secure the expanded polystyrene insulation board to the wall-all in one.  A patent-pending notched trowel provides a seamless, liquid applied water-resistive barrier to protect the substrate while creating vertical ribbons for drainage and to adhere the insulation board.