Quality Systems Inc. has announced that the Perma•Crete product line is being used in Haiti by its Ayiti distributor to resurface the exteriors of thousands of small new houses being built in this country by various relief agencies to provide shelter and living quarters for the homeless people of Haiti who have endured squalid conditions since the devastating earthquake a year ago destroyed more than 300,000 residences and commercial buildings.

“The new Perma•Crete surfaces in custom Haitian colors created by QSI, over the plywood and block structures originally intended as temporary housing, have now created permanent residences for the Haitian people and allowed them to truly begin the difficult task of stabilizing their devastated and economically-deprived Caribbean country,” said George Henderson, president and CEO of QSI. “The bare surfaces of the structures were initially coated with [a] waterproof membrane before being completely resurfaced with two applications of Perma•Crete’s roadway matrix products, which included an embedded fiberglass mesh to greatly strengthen and protect the buildings from future earthquake and hurricane disasters giving them an expected usable life of over 10 years.

“This will be a continuing project for years to come in one of the most difficult humanitarian assistance projects undertaken, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to contribute a viable solution towards the critical housing needs of the Haitian people,” Henderson said.