AquaSol Enhanced DPR Acrylic Finish and Coating is a new acrylic finish and coating with enhanced hydrophobic and photocatalytic technology.  The formulation behind the product is the result of extensive research and development to create an acrylic finish that is water repellent, heat reflective and smog reducing. With exceptional hydrophobicity, buildings specified with AquaSol are cleaned with rain or any water source. As water hits the finish, it simply beads off the exterior wall and takes any dirt or soil in its path with it. Buildings remain clean, dry and aesthetically pleasing longer. The photocatalytic properties in product initiate an oxidation process that decomposes organic and inorganic pollutants (smog) in the environment. This literally breaks down smog molecules, using nature’s sunlight, creating a cleaner environment. It has also been formulated with an exclusive mix of raw materials to reflect the sun’s heat and UV rays. This process reduces the exterior wall surface temperature keeping a building cooler by reflecting up to 15 percent more UV rays when compared to standard acrylic finishes. This heat reflective technology also contributes to superior fade resistance and durability.

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