Sto Corp.

Sto ExtraSeal is a single component air barrier and continuous insulation adhesive for use on vertical above grade concrete, concrete masonry units and glass mat gypsum sheathing wall surfaces. Its qualities let it function as an air barrier and water resistive barrier for direct applied stucco on CMU. It can also be used as continuous insulation adhesive for EPS, XPS or PI rigid insulation boards on CMU and GMG. It is vapor permeable, minimizing the risk of condensation in walls and water entrapment in walls. It resists water penetration, minimizing the risk of water damage to substrates and water leakage to the interior. Since it is a polymer-modified cement based product, it has strong adhesion, increased durability and freeze thaw resistance, and is compatible with high pH substrates. Compared to other liquid applied products, ExtraSeal is fast drying in both cold and wet weather conditions, reducing the risk of water and freeze damage in wet and/or cold weather. Same day application for the air barrier and scratch coat, or air barrier and adhesive can occur in most cases. Finally, it is made with recycled content and has 0 VOC, which means it can qualify for LEED points, or credits in other sustainable design programs.