In recognition of their role in advancing home sustainability and energy-efficient home construction, Masco Contractor Services and Owens Corning have been awarded the KB “Home Sustainability Award” for their installation of the new Owens Corning EcoTouch Insulation, a biobased and formaldehyde-free product. Sustainability Awards are presented to companies whose environmentally friendly products have made a positive contribution to KB Home’s “My Home. My Earth.” strategic environmental initiative.

According to KB Home, this is the first time a subcontractor has received this award, and the first time that a manufacturer and subcontractor have shared the award.

The award announcement stated, “The recipients demonstrate integrity, innovation, loyalty, compassion, motivation, dedication, problem solving and strong business acumen.”

The award was a unanimous decision from all levels of KB Home.

Masco Contractor Services and Owens Corning introduced EcoTouch Insulation as a standard insulation product in a KB Home new community construction project. Each new home built received the new insulation, which required conversion of inventory, training and product specifications.