FEIN Power Tools

The company has introduced an entry-level power tool package with the pedigree of its MultiMaster universal power tool system at half the price of its original system. This package contains the model FM250Q power tool, a rugged nylon carrying bag as opposed to a traditional FEIN hard plastic case and a set of basic accessories rather than the usual complete set.  The package’s accessory lineup includes an E-cut universal saw blade for metal and wood, a rigid scraper blade, and sanding attachment with four sanding pads, all capable of handling a wide variety of applications.

At $199, the entry level version is half the price of the traditional MultiMaster Top Plus System, yet still boasts the highest level of quality and stability thanks to its metal gear case, all metal gears, consistent use of ball or needle bearings along with a 250 Watt high performance, and German engineered motor.