Armstrong World Ind.

Architects and interior designers can now create their own ceiling art with the new Ultima Create! custom design capability from Armstrong. Full color custom ceiling art can be created from either original artwork or an original digital image.  Custom colors for full-sized ceiling panels are also available. The ability to personalize a space through the use of a unique ceiling design makes Ultima Create! acoustical ceilings well suited for a wide range of retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, corporate and other commercial applications. Available on both the Ultima and Health Zone Ultima product lines, the new capability is offered on Armstrong 2-foot-by-2-foot Ultima Vector, tegular and lay-in ceiling panels, and on 2-foot-by-2-foot Ultima Health Zone tegular and lay-in panels. In addition to their ability to enhance the aesthetics of a space, the ceilings also provide all the high performance benefits of both Ultima fine-textured ceilings, including washability, water resistance (Health Zone Ultima), impact-, scratch-, and soil resistance, as well as anti-mold and mildew resistance. Acoustically, the panels feature a noise reduction coefficient of 0.70, meaning they absorb 70 percent of the sound that strikes them. They also have a high recycled content of 70 to 80 percent and are recyclable at the end of their service life, both of which can help contribute to LEED credits.