Syntheon Inc. has announced a distribution agreement with Sobotec Ltd., one of Canada’s largest manufacturers and distributors of aluminum panel systems for commercial building exteriors. Under the agreement Sobotec will distribute and install the accel-E STEP system throughout eastern Canada including Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime Provinces.

“By partnering with Sobotec, we have the opportunity for a major expansion into the Canadian commercial building market,” said Syntheon President Antonio Torres. “

“Our expertise is in metal and composite panel cladding systems, which form the outer veneer of a building exterior,” explained Sobotec President Vladimir Sobot. “Our agreement … allows us to bring together for the first time a full exterior wall system that also encompasses structural and insulation components. This means we can now provide owners, architects and contractors single source responsibility for the complete building envelope.”

The new agreement was announced to coincide with this year’s Greenbuild event held in Toronto.