The U.S. Green Building Council has launched its online App Lab as part of its LEED Automation Program. The lab launched with eight applications, developed by LEED Automation Partners, and is designed for use with Internet browsers, tablets, Smartphones and other devices.

The App Lab is a searchable catalog of third-party apps that are integrated with LEED data. Each app is a fully functional software tool that has been enhanced to provide LEED projects teams and administrators integration with LEED Online and address the LEED certification process. These tools are already being used for helping with task management, data interchange, file uploads, credit scorecards, credit strategies, team messaging and are now capable of interacting directly with USGBC’s LEED Online system.

“The LEED App Lab has been highly anticipated as a way to leverage multiple partners to expand the presence of green building,” said Senior Vice President, LEED, USGBC Scot Horst. “The potential leverage points are so numerous that we really cannot anticipate the full impact of the App Lab. All we are sure of is that we have created a place to ignite the flames of true innovation and growth. LEED already embodied innovation. Now we are pushing LEED toward an entirely new world of possibilities.”

All LEED automation partners have the ability to publish new apps to USGBC’s App Lab.

“The USGBC LEED App Lab introduces powerful commercially available software tools and services to accelerate the adoption of LEED,” said LoraxPro President and CEO, David Pratt. “These tools, available in one convenient location, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of LEED project teams. Using the LEED App Lab will save time and effort, reducing costs, while improving the value of LEED projects.”

“We’re pleased to participate in the USGBC App Lab partner initiative-providing the first application to support ongoing commissioning. Only 4 percent of buildings go after the hard-to-achieve LEED EBOM EA c2.3 credits. LEED applicants can attempt to secure these now with ease and convenience using our SCIwatch app,” said SCIenergy President and CEO Russ McMeekin.

“The USGBC App Lab is an important platform because it helps projects and users make better choices at a lower cost. Indie Energy is proud to be part of this movement toward open data and applications by integrating its open platform for live building data and energy app development with LEED Online," said Indie Energy CEO Daniel Cheifetz.

“The proliferation of ‘app stores’ across several industry verticals has greatly improved the ability for end users to quickly identify and evaluate possible solutions to their critical business endeavors,” said Principal and Chief Software Architect for Vorpalware Corp. Jim Duffy. “The new App Lab offering from the U.S. Green Building Council should serve as a much needed platform that will distill information related to LEED certification tools and provide a trusted source for technology that can aid green initiatives.”

The apps available represent initial LEED Automation Partners; additional apps will be added over time. To use an app from the lab