Ornamental trim moldings
James Hardie

wc0512-DEPT-prodfoc-p3IN.gifThe HardieTrim Crown Molding is a highly durable and dimensionally stable trim accessory that can be used as window ornamentals and to enhance the design of the roof line. The moldings are available in two profile sizes: 3¼ and 5¼ inch. The products are manufactured as part of the HardieZone System that provides exterior products with specific performance attributes relative to the climate where the product is being used. The moldings perform well in all climates, which allow the product to maintain long-term aesthetics compared to wood. Also, unlike PVC trims, the moldings are dimensionally stable while PVC expands and contracts with change in temperatures. The products come with a 15-year limited, transferable product warranty. These can be used in various applications such as a decorative trim transition from frieze board to soffit, window headers or as a gable trim accent.