Hyde Toolsknife

The company offers three new, patented taping knife lines: Pro Stainless, Pro Hardwood and Pro Project tools, plus existing line of Value Series taping knives. These tools range in size from 8 to 14 inches. The high-end of this newly re-engineered series is a Pro Stainless line of taping knives featuring eight new tools with a flexible, tapered stainless steel blade and premium soft-grip handle. Rivet-free construction means the blade will never loosen with use. It also makes cleanup easier, since compound will not build up around rivets. The taping knife backings are non-rust aluminum, with options for a flexible and lightweight folded-aluminum style or a stiff extruded backing. Also included is a Hammer Head end for resetting popped nails and screws. The tools are 23 percent lighter than conventional taping knives. The Value Series tools offers the option of blue steel and stainless steel blades with a non-rust, folded aluminum backing. The contoured handle is riveted to the blade for extra strength. For more information, visit www.hydetools.com.