This year, METALCON is offering a new approach to learn all about cold-formed steel framing. Called “Stud U for the Masses,” it is custom designed for architects, builders and contractors, engineers, building inspectors and building trade instructors. It features classroom and hands-on learning and is modeled after the very successful two-and-a-half-day Stud University that was responsible for the construction of several main-attraction structures built at METALCON International in previous years. This year’s show takes place at The Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, in Rosemont, Ill., October 9-11. “We’ve always had a winning combination of classroom and hands-on with Stud U and the time was right to bring it back to METALCON.

We’ve modified the format to make it more accessible to a wider scope of design and construction pros. With this program they can understand more about the value of cold-formed steel framing and experience the simplicity of using it in today’s market. We’re thrilled to have Maribeth, Danny and Nader once again lead the charge on spreading the popularity of this great material,” says Claire Kilcoyne, METALCON Show Director.

The new, two-part program provides an easy-to-understand, yet comprehensive explanation of framing with cold-formed steel. It takes the mystery out of each aspect of specifying, designing, installing and inspecting cold-formed steel structures and offers solutions to some of the common dilemmas experienced by design and construction professionals, such as: What is the right thickness? What types and quantity of fasteners should be used? What are the most efficient tools? What are the correct installation practices to pass the most rigorous inspection?

The sessions are sponsored by: the Steel Framing Alliance, Premium Steel Building Systems, and FrameCad Solutions and will be taught by the steel industry experts who spearheaded Stud U from the beginning. This includes: Maribeth Rizzuto, LEED AP, director of Education and Sustainable Construction for the Steel Framing Alliance and Managing Director of the Cold-formed Steel Engineers Institute, Washington, D.C.; Danny Feazell, President of Premium Steel Building Systems, Roanoke, Va., and the former president of the Mid-Atlantic Steel Framing Alliance; Nader Elhajj, Director of Middle East and Africa for FrameCad Solutions, Upper Marlboro, Md.

Part I of Stud U for the Masses covers the basics. It begins with a roadmap of resources readily available for cold-formed steel and walks attendees through those that are most helpful in conquering any misgivings about this engineered building material. The session covers everything from material types, thicknesses and capabilities and describes various construction scenarios from foundations through trusses.

Part II builds on the expertise learned in Part I and exposes participants to some of the most frequently overlooked items during designing, specifying and installing cold-formed steel framing. Using a combination of graphics and a structure constructed in the METALCON Exhibit Hall, participants will experience firsthand the latest design and construction techniques, and have an opportunity to use some of the latest tools available by constructing a mini cold-formed steel framed project.

For more information or to register for Stud U for the Masses, visit or call 800-537-7765.