Weather resistive barrier paper

HAL Industries

HAL-TEX Cor-Ply is a 2-ply building paper with 3 millimeter deep corrugations. The corrugations prevent moisture entrapment by creating a drainage gap between the outer cladding and the structural wall. This gap will permit drainage of errant moisture and allow airflow behind the cladding for better drying. These rainscreen/drainage benefits are provided very economically in terms of material cost and labor savings on installation. The paper is a 2 ply 30-minute WRB that provides the added bonus of assured drainage.


Drainable housewrap

Benjamin Obdyke

HydroGap Drainable Housewrap eliminates excess moisture, thereby preventing the damaging effects of mold and rot. Its patent-pending 1 millimeter spacers not only allow at least 100 times more bulk water from a wall vs. standard housewraps but also provide a true drainage space between the sheathing and cladding material. The product’s low-profile drainage space eliminates the need for design changes in the wall assembly. The product requires no special tools for installation and is an effective means to manage moisture and air infiltration resulting in a better-built wall.


Rainscreen moisture reduction product

Knight Wall Systems Inc.

The company’s Knight Wall System rainscreen product can reduce the effect of moisture on a building, increase efficiency and contribute to LEED certification of new and existing buildings. The system is an all-in-one rainscreen that is different from existing systems in that it is a “drop-in” solution. The product will accommodate several cladding options, including brick, metal, tile and composites. Steel framing can be specified with 2-, 4- and 6-inch brackets, enabling different R factors of insulation to be installed external to a building’s vapor barrier while providing a cavity for moisture to drain and vapor to pass through. The system employs a patented self-leveling feature, which enables new cladding to be installed on the exteriors of existing buildings with out-of-plumb walls.


Rainscreen and ventilation mats

Stuc-O-Flex International Inc.

WaterWay Rainscreen Drainage Mats offers a Filter Fabric exceeding AC-38 Criteria for Water Resistive Barriers combined with a Perm Rating more than 240. The product consists of a nylon/polymer core of fused, entangled filaments in varying thicknesses from a nominal 1/4 to 3/4 inch, depending on desired cavity space and cladding selection. Certain profiles are available with a protective Moisture Resistive Filter Fabric bonded to one side or consider WaterWay Plus, a drainage mat incorporating a .45-inch/11-millimeter thick polymer matrix heat laminated to a breathable filter fabric on one side and Typar code compliant (NER-660, CCMC-12892R) weather resistive barrier on the other side. This multiple layer product creates a one step WRB and rainscreen drainage assembly in a single application. The mats are designed for stucco, EIFS, manufactured and natural stone, fiber-cement, brick, lap and cedar sidings, and other wall cladding systems.


Synthetic breathable WRB

Intertape Polymer Group Inc.

NovaWrap Building Wrap is a 100-percent synthetic breathable weather resistant barrier for residential and commercial applications. It allows vapor and condensation to escape from wall cavities while protecting against air and moisture infiltration. The product is a non-woven polypropylene one-side coated fabric. It does not absorb or retain water. It exhibits strong liquid holdout, as well as superior durability and tear resistance. It is compatible with nearly every type of sheathing, including plywood, OSB, gypsum, and rigid foam. It also installs easily under brick, stone, EIFS, fiber cement board, wood, vinyl, metal and composites. It meets or exceeds applicable building codes for WRBs and complies with the new IECC energy codes as an energy barrier. The weather-resistant wrap contains UV inhibitors to protect the wrap until exterior cladding is installed, enabling contractors to leave the product exposed for up to six months. This translates into the ability to schedule project work more easily and profitability.