Dale Hayes Masonry Inc., a large plastering contractor in Hudson, Fla., has really amped up its profile as the go-to Tampa-area subcontractor. The company specializes in stucco, stone, architectural trim, metal framing, plaster and drywall, and offers a variety of products serving both commercial and residential markets.

Founded in 1974, the company’s professionals have more than 100 years of combined experience in the building industry.



The subcontractor’s Troy G. Hutchins, vice president and estimator, talked to Walls & Ceilings about current projects and how he started working with Dale Hayes Masonry Inc. Hutchins began his career in California in the late ’80s, where he learned plastering and lathing. From there, he went to Florida’s panhandle and Birmingham, Ala., areas to work with EIFS. Family brought him to Tampa where he has been with Dale Hayes Masonry ever since. 

Currently, the company has a crew of 80 people. Hutchins started with Dale Hayes Masonry during the bustling, money-making times of the mid-2000s.

“I started with the craziness during the mid-2000s, saw the contraction,” he says. “This year has been moderate growth. You have to be diversified if you want to continue; can’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

This is why the subcontractor has branched out from stucco and EIFS to air/water/vapor barriers and cement siding, and he says those things have helped increase the company’s work load. “The warranty work helped during the lean years and helped carry us,” Hutchins says.



Recently, the company worked a large apartment/retail facility that is near completion in New Port Richey, Fla. The project, Main Street Landing, utilized approximately 60,000 square feet of Parex USA’s various stucco products or components.

“Our scope was waterproofing, which we used Parex USA WeatherSeal Spray & Roll-on on all the wood framing,” he says, adding that the company also did the metal lath installation, with all PVC accessories, using the AMICO product lines. Two types of stucco were used he says, “Parex USA Florida Stucco and Parex 210 Armourwall over the wood framing/lath/wall system.”

They used a synthetic basecoat 121 to embed the reinforcing mesh (both dry and wet product).

McGurn Management Co., a private owner in Florida, financed the project and hired Dale Hayes to apply the stucco. The subcontractor had used Parex’s Florida Stucco product on projects before, but not the new AquaSol. This acrylic finish is specially formulated with hydrophobic properties. Buildings specified with the finish are cleaned with natural rain water. As water hits the product’s surface, it beads off the exterior and takes off any dirt, grime or soil.The hydrophobic qualities also make the surface more resistant to mold, algae and mildew.

Hutchins says he believes this was the first major project to use this product.

The company’s supplier RS Elliot Specialty Supply, in Plant City, Fla., brought the AquaSol product to the attention of Dale Hayes Masonry. Through a product demo, the subcontractor then brought the Parex finish to the owners, who in Hutchins’ words, were really impressed.

The company applied in total 60,000 plus square feet of the one coat stucco system and AquaSol finish to the Main Street Landing’s first building (two more buildings are planned for construction), and used Essex mixers and Putzmeister pumps for the stucco preparation and applications.

“The AquaSol product reflects the UV well,” says Hutchins. “One day, I touched the wall after AquaSol was applied and it was cool to the touch. It is also a self cleaning hydrophobic finish. The water rolls off just like RainX when you apply it.”

With the owners happy and a highly energy efficient stucco system in place, Hutchins says he’s sold. “I’m a believer.”

The subcontractor credits Parex’s Florida Regional Sales Rep Brian Jordan and Technical Service Rep Kevin Schroeder, who helped with the engineering of the system. W&C