Dust Away Reduced Airborne Dust Drywall Compound and Dust Away Renovation Mud feature innovative technology that reduces the amount of airborne dust generated through sanding by more than 70 percent compared to standard drywall compound. Specifically, the technology used causes the dust associated with traditional compound sanding to clump together and fall to the floor, reducing airborne dust and making clean up faster and easier. The compound is an all-purpose ready-mix drywall compound that is suitable for taping and finishing wallboard joints, corner trims and fastener heads. The product is available in a 1.2 gallon pail. The mud is a professional grade, pre-mixed, vinyl-base compound that provides good workability and minimal shrinkage. Available in a 3.5 gallon carton size, Renovation Mud is ideal for remodeling and repair projects where cleanliness is required.