Cavity wall solution
Sto Corp.

To address new building code requirements, StoEnergy Guard is an integrated cavity wall solution that is used for protection under multiple cladding types, including stone, siding, stucco and more. The company leverages cavity wall design and rainscreen technology to provide energy efficiency and durability in a simple yet effective solution.  The product integrates a fluid applied waterproof air barrier, sheathing joint and rough opening protection, proven drainage technology, and approved continuous insulation—into a flexible system that can be designed to meet individual climate zone and building code requirements. 



Reclaimed wood panels
Architectural Systems Inc.

The Fusion Wood Panels are a sustainable collection of mixed natural materials and reclaimed wine barrels for a textural and dimensional effect in a range of patterns and species, including teak and American oak. This material is suitable for walls, architectural millwork and furniture components. The panels are available in unfinished, prefinished matte or high-gloss and in solid wood or wood veneer on an MDF substrate.



Recycled ceiling products

Armstrong Ceiling-2-Ceiling products offer the industry’s highest level of recycled content from a closed loop, post-consumer process. The ceilings are made using old ceiling tiles that have been reclaimed as part of the the company’s Ceiling Recycling Program. The products are currently offered in the Ultima and Cirrus family of ceilings, both of which feature 15 percent post-consumer recycled content, and in the Dune family of ceilings, which feature 18 percent post-consumer recycled content. Recycled content levels contribute to LEED Materials & Resources Credit 4.1, 4.2 and are particularly important in projects seeking LEED certification in which the highest levels of post-consumer content is desired.


Green stucco basecoat
CLP Technologies LLC

The company has formulated a stucco basecoat incorporating recycled EPS foam waste that reduces typical sand-cement mixture weight by 35 percent, cuts shipping and handling costs, and improves overall crack-resistance and flexile strength. The product will soon be available from selected regional and national preblended stucco basecoat manufacturers. The ultra-light, durable and non-static additive is also suitable for use in precast, veneer stone, block and other cement based products. It is marketed under the brand names CityCrete (U.S.) and Re-Ad (Canada).


High performance cladding system
Dryvit Systems Inc.

 Outsulation X is a high performance cladding system that serves as a single source for the air- and water-resistive barrier, continuous insulation and appealing finished appearance of the exterior wall. The system incorporates Dow XNERGY Rigid Insulation to allow installers to meet higher R-values with a 2 inch thickness of insulation. It yields a 39 percent greater energy efficiency and 36 percent better impact resistance, compared with similar EPS-based systems with similar weight reinforcing mesh. The system meets both current and proposed ASHRAE design standards and IGCC/IECC code requirements for the use of continuous insulation.