AcoustiTherm Ceiling Tiles not only absorb sound waves but act as thermal insulators with R-values as high as traditional wall and ceiling insulation. The tiles provide superior sound absorption to standard acoustical ceiling tiles while also providing strong thermal insulation. With NRC ratings averaging 1.05, the tiles absorb virtually all of the sound waves that contact them, significantly reducing reverberation and overall noise. The R-value, which measures thermal insulation is equally impressive at 13.6, higher than traditional thermal insulation meant for basements and 2x4 walls. The ceiling tiles are made of 3-inch thick fiberglass and are laminated with a thin white or black vinyl facing making it more durable with an easily cleaned non-porous surface. The tiles are also moisture and humidity resistant to ensure the ceiling tiles will not sag, shrink or warp. These tiles are ideal for residential spaces such as basements, media rooms, home theaters, and studios, as well as commercial spaces, offices, schools, universities, and industrial and manufacturing operations. Anywhere climate control and acoustical quality or noise reduction are required can benefit from AcoustiTherm.