The MFI-System is a second-generation versatile rain screen attachment system for use with mineral fiber insulation that dramatically reduces thermal bridging and easily exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 Prescriptive Requirements. The system features a highly corrosive-resistant 55 AL-ZN AZ50 coating for a long service life. Knight’s S-Rail (static) or D-Rail (dynamic) may be attached to its thermally isolating ThermaBracket in a vertical or horizontal orientation for increased façade versatility. Exterior insulation fits tightly around brackets without trimming and the ThermaStop thermal isolation assembly is pre-assembled to the bracket. Nearly any cladding can be attached with easy and efficient installation and detailing. The system also provides excellent ventilation with a minimum constant 3/4-inch continuous rain screen cavity. Out of plumb existing walls can easily be straightened with an integrated adjustment feature or by the use of fitted shims designed to keep the ThermaBracket structurally sound over its service life.