For the past 12 months, the readers of Walls & Ceilingshave told us which products and literature were of interest to them by calls, emails, website hits and more. The following have appeared in the Product Focus and Toolbox departments. In no particular order, here’s what you told us you found of interest.  


Drywall adhesive
Liquid Nails

The Drywall Construction Adhesive is a fast-grab formula that is available in 28-fluid ounce cartridges making installation easy. It is made for bonding drywall to a variety of surfaces. According to the manufacturer, it is moisture proof, reduces sound transmission and minimizes nail pops. It is GreenGuard Children & Schools certified, and meets LEED standards and the National Green Building Standard.

Lithium ion system

The company’s 12-volt MAX* Lithium Ion system includes a 1/4-inch Screwdriver (DCF610S2), 3/8-inch Drill/Driver (DCD710S2), 1/4-inch Impact Driver (DCF815S2), 3/8-inch Impact Wrench (DCF813S2), LED Work Light (DCL510), Inspection Camera (DCT410S1), Infrared Thermometer (DCT414S1) and two combo kits (DCK210S2 and DCK211S2). The platform combines compact, lightweight design with industry leading features contractors need. The system can handle a variety of drilling, fastening and measurement applications and complements the company’s 18-volt platform. (*Maximum initial battery pack voltage, measured without a workload, is 12 volts. Measured under a workload, nominal voltage is 10.8 volts)

Formaldehyde-free formulated insulation
Owens Corning

EcoTouch Pink Fiberglas Insulation with PureFiber Technology is made with natural materials and a formaldehyde-free formulation. This product uses a minimum of 50 percent recycled content (30 percent post-consumer recycled content). It provides for energy-efficiency and comfort, and is designed with the environment in mind while delivering the same thermal performance. EcoTouch is fast and easy to install, helping reduce build-cycle time, enhance profitability and improve cash flow. EcoTouch is GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality Certified, as well as GreenGuard Children and Schools Certified, to meet certification standards.

Weather defense interior wallboard
Lafarge North America

Weather Defense Platinum Interior is a high performance glass mat faced gypsum board designed for interior walls and ceilings applications requiring strong resistance to incidental moisture. The board is manufactured with a specially formulated glass mat facer and an enhanced mold and moisture resistant core providing design professionals and contractors with a great option for applications requiring protection from standard construction exposure for up to twelve months. The board is ideal for areas such as basements, residential bathrooms and any interior side of exterior walls where moisture exposure could occur. Manufactured using 100 percent synthetic gypsum, the product can contribute to the attainment of LEED credits for both the Recycled Materials credit (MR 4.1 & 4.2) and the Regional Materials credit (MR 5.1 & 5.2).

Ornamental trim moldings
James Hardie

The HardieTrim Crown Molding is a highly durable and dimensionally stable trim accessory that can be used as window ornamentals and to enhance the design of the roof line. The moldings are available in two profile sizes: 3¼ and 5¼ inch. The products are manufactured as part of the HardieZone System that provides exterior products with specific performance attributes relative to the climate where the product is being used. The moldings perform well in all climates, which allow the product to maintain long-term aesthetics compared to wood. Also, unlike PVC trims, the moldings are dimensionally stable while PVC expands and contracts with change in temperatures. The products come with a 15-year limited, transferable product warranty. These can be used in various applications such as a decorative trim transition from frieze board to soffit, window headers or as a gable trim accent.

Dust control joint compound
National Gypsum

The ProForm XP Ready Mix Joint Compound with Dust-Tech is an all-purpose, low-dust joint treatment with enhanced mold resistance. The product is specially formulated to cause dust to fall straight to the floor, reducing airborne dust by more than 60 percent and improving indoor air quality during all phases and types of construction. In addition, the product features enhanced mold resistance to help prevent mold growth during and after the construction process. It has achieved the highest possible score for mold resistance on both the ASTM G 21 and ASTM D 3273 tests and achieved GreenGuard Children & Schools certification, the industry’s most stringent indoor air quality standard.

Plaster repair system
CTS Cement Mfg. Corp

Rapid Set Stucco Mix is a durable and efficient plaster repair solution, allowing contractors to scratch, brown and color coat in one day. Use the mix in exterior plastering applications where accelerated set times, higher strength, minimal shrinkage and reduced cracking are desired. The product is applied by hand or machine and ready for color in three hours.

Increased R value forms
Amvic Building System

The company announces its third generation of ICFs Amvic Plus 3.30 (with an R-value of R-30). The new forms incorporate many of the patented innovations of the first and second generation ICF and have been expanded to provide a stronger, more energy efficient and easier to install product.  The two EPS side panels have increased by 30 percent going from 2½ to 3¼ inches per side for a total EPS width of 6½ inches the wider EPS foam also increases the R-value of the block from R-22 to R-30 making it the highest R-value of any factory assembled block in the industry.

Insulated Concrete wall forming
Fox Blocks by Airlite Plastics

Formwork for flat panel structural concrete walls that delivers complete integrated furring system for direct attachment of interior and exterior finishes. Fox Blocks provide R 23 of continuous insulation rigid foam to both faces with options to R41/U value 0.043 hours per square foot. Faster-stronger-quieter walls that offer lower cost option to exceed newest energy code requirements.

Drainable housewrap
Benjamin Obdyke

HydroGap Drainable Housewrap eliminates excess moisture, thereby preventing the damaging effects of mold and rot. Its patent-pending 1 millimeter spacers not only allow at least 100 times more bulk water from a wall vs. standard housewraps but also provide a true drainage space between the sheathing and cladding material. The product’s low-profile drainage space eliminates the need for design changes in the wall assembly. The product requires no special tools for installation and is an effective means to manage moisture and air infiltration resulting in a better-built wall.

Rainscreen moisture reduction product
Knight Wall Systems Inc.

The company’s Knight Wall System rainscreen product can reduce the effect of moisture on a building, increase efficiency and contribute to LEED certification of new and existing buildings. The system is an all-in-one rainscreen that is different from existing systems in that it is a “drop-in” solution. The product will accommodate several cladding options, including brick, metal, tile and composites. Steel framing can be specified with 2-, 4- and 6-inch brackets, enabling different R factors of insulation to be installed external to a building’s vapor barrier while providing a cavity for moisture to drain and vapor to pass through. The system employs a patented self-leveling feature, which enables new cladding to be installed on the exteriors of existing buildings with out-of-plumb walls.

Hydrophobic acrylic finish
Parex USA

The company has recently launched a new DPR Acrylic Finish with Hydrophobic and Photocatalytic properties, called AquaSol. In addition to the features found in the company’s standard acrylic finishes, AquaSol also repels water, reflects UV rays, and reduces pollution making it more clean, cooler and green.

Spray adhesive
Phillips Manufacturing

The new gripSTIK spray adhesive is a high-tack, multipurpose web-based spray adhesive ideal for adhering vinyl cornerbead and trim to drywall. It features an adjustable nozzle for desired spray strength and width, making any job easy and precise. The spray adhesive works great with vinyl cornerbead and trim product lines. This product is available in 17-ounce cans and is shipped in cases of 12.

Durable, eco-friendly panels

The Bria ClimaPlus acoustical ceiling panels provide strong sound control, durability and an attractive, sleek style to a variety of environments. With a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of .70 and a ceiling attenuation class of up to 38, these lightly-textured acoustical ceiling panels are ideal in settings such as classrooms, lobby areas, conference rooms, executive offices, retail stores, or transportation terminals. The panels have double the impact resistance of similarly textured ceiling panels as tested per ASTM C367. With a 30-year lifetime system warranty against visible sag, mold and mildew, these panels promise a long life span while also presenting an abuse-resistant surface that can be easily cleaned with a brush or vacuum. With a zero-emitting performance, these panels exceed CA Specification 01350 (CA Dept. of Health Services Standard Practice for the testing of VOC emissions) and are also listed on CHPS database. Providing maximized High Recycled Content, the panels help in maximizing LEED Recycled content contribution.

Linear metal ceiling system
Chicago Metallic Corp.

Creating durable exterior soffits with clean continuous linear lines, the company offers Planar, PlanarPlus, PlanarMacro and MacroPlus linear metal ceiling systems. These ceiling systems’ strong aluminum panels are available in a variety of styles, thicknesses and finishes to present a unified appearance in both interior and exterior applications. Not only are linear metal ceiling systems engineered to resist wind, they also accommodate lighting, air diffusers and audio accessories. Noise Reduction Coefficients up to 0.95 can be achieved with acoustical backing material and perforations. Made of non-combustible material, these systems have a Class A fire rating. With respect to green building criteria, the metal in Chicago Metallic’s ceiling systems contains no VOCs or any substance that would support the growth of mold. Further enhancing the environmental attributes, the systems and suspensions typically contain 100 percent post-consumer recycled content and are 100 percent locally recyclable.

Scaffolding toolbox
RAS Specialty Toolbox Co.

The Sure Step Toolbox is a product that doubles as the top plank of a scaffold. It weighs less than 30 pounds empty. If workers need to get on the top step, the toolbox can be closed, locked and the toolbox becomes a plank with a non-skid surface that can easily support their weight. It has a locking mechanism that locks the toolbox shut and fastens  it to the scaffold for safety. The product is designed to increase work efficiency by allowing workers a place for their tools.

Architectural grade
EPS insulation
ACH Foam Technologies

The company’s new EPS architectural grade insulation matches XPS products in compressive strength and R value. The new product, Foam-Control Plus+, has the added advantage of a stronger warranty and strong moisture resistance. It is also available in thicknesses well beyond the ranges offered by other products. The insulation is nationally available. With eight plants scattered about the U.S., the company provides the new product in 2 feet by 8 feet and 4 feet by 8 feet sheets in standardized units so there’s no problem with warehousing. 

Wood ceiling portfolio
Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Systems

Designed to add the warm, rich look of wood while still imparting a feeling of openness, new WoodWorks Open Cell Vector ceilings are available in three standard designs, two panel sizes, and four natural solid wood finishes. The Vector edge produces a sleek 1/4-inch reveal that minimizes the suspension system, creating a ceiling that is more monolithic in appearance, yet still downward accessible. By mixing and matching different sizes and designs, WoodWorks Open Cell Vector panels can be patterned in a variety of ways to create the look of a custom, one-of-a-kind ceiling using standard panels. The open cell design also allows the use of pendant lights and other hanging fixtures without the need to cut the panels.  Infill panels are available to add acoustics to a space or to cover plenum obstructions. The new addition is well-suited for use in applications ranging from retail, hospitality, and healthcare to higher education and commercial office environments.

Sustainable fiberglass insulation
CertainTeed Insulation

The company’s fiberglass insulation manufacturing facility in Chowchilla, Calif., is now manufacturing Sustainable Insulation. The manufacturing process begins with a formula that uses organic, naturally abundant or recycled materials. In addition to sand, the insulation consists of a recycled glass content of 35 percent and a plant-based binder. The binder is comprised of rapidly renewable organic materials and contains no phenol, formaldehyde, harsh acrylics or dye. A closed-loop water system helps maximize water usage at the plant, and rigorous monitoring and management of energy usage has reduced the amount of energy needed to manufacture the product. When Sustainable Insulation is ready to ship, compression packaging is used to move more product in fewer loads. Strategically located distribution centers minimize transportation needs and make the product easily accessible to California’s building industry.

Flexible arch trim

 Arch-Stick is 3³⁄8inches wide and was designed to eliminate flat spots in curved applications. The PVC composite material and the tempered steel spine make perfect arches every time. The product is ideal for curved walls, ceilings, soffits, staircases and groin barrel ceilings. The patented tear strips reduce transportation and job site damage and when removed they make straight to curved transitions unnoticeable. Customized lengths for projects are available, saving on material and labor costs. The company can be contacted for additional information and free samples.