For the past 12 months, the readers of Walls & Ceilings have told us what products and literature were of interest to them by filling out the reader action cards. Tallied from hundreds of entries, the following have appeared in the Product Focus and Toolbox departments. In no particular order, here’s what you told us you found of interest.

Drywall backing


X-Crack is a patented metal die cut material made from 22-gauge galvanized steel designed to eliminate cracks in drywall off angles and inside 90-degree corners in flat ceiling areas. The patented hinged rigid backbone, continuous fastening area and flexible tab design, hold drywall joint stationary while framing members can move independently of the drywall. The tabs conform and attach to framing members while the adjustable rigid backbone remains straight. It is adjustable to any angle and installs in minutes.

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Cornerbead cutter

Bead Bully Inc.

The Bead Bully is designed to cut the 45-degree miter of all four types of bullnose corner bead with no special tools required. It comes fully assembled and ready to use inside a durable PVC case, including all the guides and blades needed to make professional bead cuts. The product has built-in safety features to prevent accidents. The thumb shield flips down automatically without impairing its line-of-sight. Each blade and guide is available to order.

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Drywall fastener back-up


The Framerback is designed as a substitute for bulky, non-structural drywall corner back-up. The patented perforations accept drywall screws randomly and hard-fasten the edge of the sheet to the remaining structural stud. The electro-galvanized steel fasteners nest together and work with all drywall thicknesses. In addition, the Framerback hard-fastens the ceiling sheet to the top plate of the partition instead of the truss bottom, eliminating callbacks due to ceiling partition separation or truss uplift cracks. An 18- to 24-inch interval between the top plate and the first row of truss screws allows the drywall to flex, reducing cracks.

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PVC grid-free ceiling

Zip-UP Ceiling

Zip-UP Ceiling is a grid free ceiling made from PVC that saves headroom, has access to plumbing and wiring, as well as water and moisture resistant. The ceiling uses a patented panel-rail system that mounts directly to ceiling joists. The functionality and durability of the system has made its way from basements to garages and now is an option for finishing under decks.

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Stamped ceiling panels

Outwater Plastics Industries + Architectural Products By outwater

The new selection of highly detailed Stamped Steel Ceiling Panels comprises 30 percent recycled materials for use in residential or commercial renovations or new construction applications, and is offered in a variety of traditional and contemporary finishes and historically accurate patterns to accommodate any décor. The ceiling panels are available in 2-foot-by-2-foot and 2-foot-by-4-foot panel sizes with complementary 4-foot cornices, steel cone-headed nails and filler panels for finishing unconventional ceiling edges and corners. The company also offers a corresponding series of Decorative Stamped Steel Backsplashes.

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Vinyl moldings

Nudo Products Inc.

The company offers a full line of vinyl moldings that are available in 8-, 10- and 12-foot lengths and can be matched to any color. Nudo vinyl extrusions are USDA, FDA, and Agricultural Canada accepted. The vinyl moldings are chemically resistant, flame retardant, dimensionally stable, impact resistant, maintenance free and recyclable. Nudo offers interior and exterior moldings with the ability to run custom lengths, profiles, and colors in house at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The company also carries aluminum moldings that are available in bronze, white, and anodized colors (8 foot lengths) for interior or exterior use.

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Fabric mounting wall system


This acoustical stretched fabric mounting system is a Class A, customized system for tightly stretching fabric over acoustical substrates. Designed for walls, ceilings and other interior surfaces, it is engineered for superior function and design flexibility without sacrificing aesthetics. The essence of the system is the patented locking jaw that allows tracks to be opened wide, allowing increased access to the inside of the track for fastening to substrates. This hinge also lends itself to subsequent repairs or fabric replacement. The system is secured around the perimeter of each panel section to assure a perfect fit while eliminating gaps, sagging or misfitting.

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Soy-based insulation

BioBased Insulation

Installed in liquid form, this insulation expands to fill each cavity, crevice and void, creating a sealed thermal envelope and reducing air filtration. This product is water-blown and contains no CFCs or HCFCs, making it more environmentally-friendly. According to the manufacturer, this insulation functions like petroleum-based spray foam insulations, but it is soy-based, utilizing a renewable resource, which makes it more environmentally responsible.

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Concrete furring product

Superior Polymer Products

The product EcoStud is for furring out poured concrete or block walls. It is produced from recycled resin, it does not rot, rust, corrode, support mold or termite growth, and provides a thermal break when attached directly to exterior concrete or block. The product can be used with all forms of insulation, fiberglass bat, blown in cellulose, extruded polystyrene foam and when used with spray applied high density closed cell foam, it provides a continuous, moisture barrier and insulation package.

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Spray-applied polyurethane foam insulation


Enertite spray-applied polyurethane foam insulation is an open-cell foam that insulates while providing other benefits, including sound absorption, healthier indoor air quality, and protection from thermal leaks. The water-blown foam flows easily into difficult to reach areas and creates a seamless seal. Coupled with the proper mechanical ventilation, the insulation can provide improved air quality by inhibiting mold and mildew growth. It also effectively absorbs sound, making living spaces quieter and markedly improving acoustical performance in areas, such as home theaters. It maintains its form and high-performance characteristics over time and will not deteriorate or sag. The product’s long-term performance is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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Decorative wall panels

Acoustic Ceiling Products

The decorative thermoplastic wall panel product line is for use as wainscot and wall paneling for the home and garage. The 4-foot-by-8-foot panels are manufactured from composite thermoplastic and are water- and corrosion-resistant for exceptional durability, according to the manufacturer. Finishes range from chrome and brushed aluminum to oil-rubbed bronze to match current design, appliance and fixture trends. The wall panels can be cut with a snip, scissors or utility knife for quick and easy installation, and are suitable for wet environments with resistance to impacts and stains.

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Flexible trims and moldings

ZĀgo Flexible Moldings Inc.

Trim EZ Pro Series trims and moldings are custom-made and easily bent or shaped for any curved or rounded decorative need, such as base molding on rounded walls, curves on crown moldings, or casing on arched doorways and openings and custom window treatments. The Pro Series flexible trims and moldings are available to contractors, builders, remodelers, millwork companies, window manufacturers and installers, and cabinetmakers through lumberyards across the country. Commercial, industrial and residential applications include shopping malls, museums, hotels, office complexes, single and multi-family residences, and theatrical set designs. The products are sold through a nationwide network of suppliers including home centers and lumberyards, such as Lowe’s, Jaeger Lumber, ProBuild, and 84 Lumber.

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Firewall tape

Dura-Tape International

The new patent pending, firewall tape Blazeblocker meets 2-hour ASTM E119 requirements for certification. The tape is a code-compliant paper firewall tape that combines a water-activated adhesive technology with specially formulated fire retardants. It was developed to simplify the fire taping process. Firewall assembly with the product only requires water, eliminating any need for compound. The tape not only adheres to wallboard but to steel, aluminum, sheet metal and painted concrete surfaces, as well. The company guarantees the tape to attach and never delaminate once applied. The product is available in 2 feet by 300 feet rolls; 10 rolls per case, 126 cases per pallet. Certification data will be enclosed in each carton.

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Finishing system

CertainTeed Gypsum

ProRoc Moisture and Mold Resistant Setting Compound with M2Tech helps create a finishing system for interior walls in both residential and commercial applications to help protect homes and buildings from moisture and mold. Through independent testing, the M2Tech platform achieved the highest rating possible according to the ASTM D3273. The plaster-based compound is specially formulated for use in all stages of finishing and can be easily sanded once completely dry to give a ready-to-prime finished surface. In addition to mold resistance, the product features strength and durability.

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Marble tile

Artistic Tile Inc.

This marbled tile from the Ambra Collection was crafted using an original finishing technique that gives it the appearance of two separate stones. Inspired by the fundamental elements of nature, the tile is intended to create a touch of drama to any exterior or interior wall installation, especially when illuminated. This sculptural, three-dimensional marble tile is hand-carved and is available in three colors.

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Expanded polystyrene insulation system

Quad-Lock Building Systems Ltd.

Aimed at the renovation market, the R-etro System is designed to be a fast, flexible, non-invasive form of insulation that will add an R-value of R-18 to existing wall surfaces. The system can adapt to the shape of an existing building and around protrusions and openings and can be attached to any wall structure. Occupants can continue to inhabit the space while the system is being added to the building.

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Restoration service kit

Decorawall Construction Systems INC.

The restoration and preservation of national, historical and private buildings is on the rise. To help in these construction demands, Decorawall has announced its new restoration service. The company offers state-of-the-art machinery, combined with Old World technique. This enables the company to match not only shape but also faux/specialty plaster and paint techniques. This allows contractors the opportunity to make buildings look historic and modern. Contact the company for a new info kit on restoration.

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Water repellent insulation


The RainBarrier product lines have been specifically engineered to repel water and efficiently drain moisture in rain screen and cavity wall construction applications. The lines are designed to provide thermal insulation, fire protection, and acoustical control while efficiently draining water from a wall cavity system. These products are non-combustible and compatible with common wall ties, adhesives, and air barrier systems. The insulation has a high recycle content and helps buildings conserve energy, control noise, improve indoor air quality, improve life safety, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to the manufacturer.

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Eco-friendly compound

The Green Glue Co.

The company’s showcase product is a cost-effective, easy-to-use noise-proofing solution ideal for use in the construction and renovation of single and multi-family homes, commercial properties and hotels, home theaters and other entertainment spaces. It is an eco-friendly viscoelastic compound used between layers of standard drywall to ensure best-in-class soundproofing at the lowest cost among competing products. Its properties improve sound isolation and significantly lessen impact noise and structure-borne sound transmission. An application of Green Glue and an additional layer of drywall will improve the STC score to 45 or higher, decreasing sound transmission by up to 90 percent. As additional layers of Green Glue and drywall are used on the walls, ceiling and floor these results are further amplified.

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Water-activated adhesive cornerbead


Combining the durability and finish of its No-Coat drywall corners with the convenience of a water-activated adhesive, Hydrotrim corners are designed specifically for hangers looking for a faster, simpler alternative to metal and plastic cornerbead. The company has spent four years engaged in research and development to overcome the industry’s past issues with water-based adhesives. The result is an easy-to-apply corner that does not blister, bubble, dent or crack. The cornerbead’s patent-pending design includes punch holes in the paper-plastic-paper flaps that allow joint compound to further bond the corner to the drywall, preventing the blistering that has plagued other water-activated products. Once wet, the product can be adjusted during installation, and dries within five to 10 minutes for rapid finishing.

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