Calling Dallas home, K Post Company is recognized as a leader in the commercial roofing industry, as well as waterproofing, wall panels, sheetmetal and lightweight decking. Starting in 2003 with 11 people and evolving into a company with 270 employees today, K Post prides itself on treating employees like family. K Post has successfully completed $200 million worth of work in 9 years, President Steve Little says.

The company was founded by Thomas “Keith” Post, who has almost 30 years of experience in the commercial roofing industry and an excellent reputation among his peers in the construction industry nationwide.  Post has estimated and completed over three quarters of a billion dollars worth of projects ranging from $20,000 to more than $5 million-plus each.

“We have generation after generation of craftsmen who’ve helped build the company to what it is today, and for most of us it’s what we’ve done most of our lives and we have incredibly talented people here,” says Superintendent and Assistant Director of Operations John Wayne Whitten.

Little emphasized the company specializes in complicated, high-profile, time-sensitive projects, such as the Cowboy Stadium, Perot Museum of Nature and Science, and Westin Galleria in Dallas.



For the Westin Galleria, K Post designed custom metal wall panels that beat industry standards and won regional awards. K Post utilized the specialized skills of their employees to provide the most durable, cost effective, and best looking option possible for the hotel.

“There were interlocking metal panel systems all with joints lining up from one to the next. That line had to flow from the walls of the building, ceiling and the exterior, and you can see that it is lined up perfectly,” Aileen Struble, Senior Estimator says. “It was a Petersen champagne metal all fabricated in our shop and went through engineered testing as well because it was the exterior of the building and I designed the system.”

The building is so durable it will last for years to come, just like the values of K Post Company—where they believe in fostering talents in every generation and exceeding clients’ expectations.

K Post values its working relationship with the Allied Building Products team.

The contractor is active in many industry organizations and has received numerous awards exemplifying individual employees, craftsmanship and the overall standard that it is setting throughout the commercial roofing industry.

 “If we do quality work, we prevent moisture from entering the building,” Little says. “We are not the lowest priced contractor on the front side of the job, so we have to establish that value so the client understands they’re getting the greatest value under warranty for those services—we’ve been blessed because our employees have proven the difference we can make.” W&C