Keene Building Products has announced the acquisition of Dependable Chemical, a local floor products manufacturer in Ohio. Dependable Chemical had been a family-owned and operated business in the same area since 1951. Effective in October 15, Keene’s President Jim Keene announced the completion of the acquisition. Dependable is a manufacturer of professional grade floor preparation products for repair, restoration and moisture mitigation. Brands include Skimcoat, Skimcrete, Vaporseal, Cutdown and Feathercrete. Specialties include: cementitious patching, feathering and leveling, sealers, primers, and epoxies for commercial, industrial and residential needs are sold throughout North America.

"The acquisition is a nice fit for us since flooring is an essential part of the Keene product line," said Keene. "The Cleveland, Ohio based manufacturing for Dependable made the acquisition an easier fit with our headquarters so close."