Fastener manufacturer PrimeSource Building Products Inc. has entered into a year-long partnership with Rebuilding Together to provide Grip-Rite product donations in support of the organization’s disaster recovery efforts for families and communities across the country

After a disaster has occurred, and damages and needs have been assessed, the manufacturer will work to support Rebuilding Together affiliates in affected areas with Grip-Rite tools and building materials, allowing Rebuilding Together to focus its efforts on recovery coordination and skilled volunteer recruitment.

“PrimeSource and its Grip-Rite products have a long history of being there to get the job done, to help build and rebuild America’s homes and communities,” said Ken Fishbein, Co-CEO of PrimeSource, exclusive distributor of Grip-Rite products. “As part of that commitment, we are proud to support the long-term recovery efforts of Rebuilding Together’s Disaster Assessment and Recovery Team.”

Rebuilding Together affiliates have led long term recovery efforts in disaster-affected communities across the country. These include rebuilding more than 1,000 homes along the Gulf Coast in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, working on homes after floods in Nashville, and a regional effort in western Massachusetts after tornadoes swept through the area.

“The homeowners we serve are among those most severely impacted when disasters occur,” said Gary A. Officer, president and CEO of Rebuilding Together. “If their home is damaged or destroyed, they often lack the means or resources to rebuild and may lose everything. This is one of the most basic, most elemental examples of our core mission put into action – rebuilding a home for those who may otherwise lose everything. We rely on partners like PrimeSource to help us carry out this mission.”

The partnership kicked off during an October rebuild event in Orlando, Fla., where PrimeSource contributed resources and Grip-Rite tools and materials to Orlando resident Linda Lipofsky. Lipofsky’s home was severely damaged by the 2004 Hurricanes Frances and Charley. After becoming a victim of contractor insurance fraud, the retired teacher and grandmother exhausted what was left of her savings, leaving her unable to complete the repairs necessary to move back into her damaged home.