The BEYOND.High Performance demonstration homes from BASF unveiled at the International Builders Show 2013 in the Professional Builder Show Village featured several finished goods made of Neopor.

Products made of Neopor included:

•           Progressive Foam Fullback FC Premium Series siding insulation.

•           LOGIX Platinum Series insulating concrete forms.

•           OPCO Insulation Boards.

•           Perma “R” NeoProTK expandable polystyrene insulating sheathing.

“Neopor’s combination of high and long-term stable R-value, bulk water and water vapor management performance and superior adaptability provide a unique combination of performance attributes for insulation materials,” said Aaron Wood, Marketing and Innovation Manager for BASF Foams in North America. “This is particularly useful for contractors and architects who need to install a thermal break to comply with the new International Energy Conservation Code 2012 Energy Code, or where space is constrained and more R-value is required in a tighter space.”

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