The Drywall Finishing Council announced the election of Robert Negri as the new President and welcomed new members to its Board of Directors during its annual Spring meeting held in Charlotte, N.C.

Negri most recently served as vice president of the council, as well as chair of both Education and Technical Committees. His numerous contributions include the publication of 13 white papers to support good practices in the industry and promote growth and awareness of the DWFC. Additionally, his efforts with other organizations, such as the Gypsum Association and ASTM, have resulted in increased consistency in standards to the benefit of the overall industry. Negri is currently a research associate with USG. Negri succeeds National Gypsum’s Jack Walker, who has been president of the council for the past four years.

The newly elected Board of Directors includes:

•           President Bob Negri, (USG Corporation)

•           Vice President Duane Freeman (Freeman Products)

•           Secretary Don Prochazka (Sherwin-Williams)

•           Board Advisor and Past President Jack Walker, (National Gypsum)

•           New Board Member Stephen Reynolds, (CertainTeed Gypsum)

•           Legal Counsel Sage Knauft, (Walsworth, Franklin, Bevins & McCall, LLP)

 Now entering its 21st year, the Drywall Finishing Council was founded as a small group of similarly committed and focused manufacturers of drywall finishing materials, who were concerned with the lack of industry standards both in specifications and application procedures. Since then, it has grown into a nationally recognized leader of standards in and around the drywall finishing industry. Its continuing mission is to improve the quality and standards of the drywall finishing industry, speak with a unified and consistent public voice from the viewpoint of the members, further the cause of drywall finishing materials, practices and affiliated industries such that the state-of-the-trade elevates in its image and performance. To learn more, visit