The EPS Industry Alliance (EPS-IA) recently welcomed Takashima USA and Sunchem Evergreen Chemicals USA as its two newest members. The addition of international resin suppliers like Takashima and Sunchem marks upward growth for the alliance. 

Sunchem and Takashima’s membership in EPS-IA is a landmark occasion and is representative of the increased cooperation between North American and Asian EPS markets, as well as EPS-IA’s efforts to extend its reach to a broader supply chain. Takashima and Sunchem will be officially welcomed as new members at the 2013 EPS EXPO, EPS-IA’s annual conference, next week in Cincinnati.

Takashima USA was established in 1971 in California as the U.S. base of Takashima & Co of Japan. Their primary business is importing industrial materials for local distribution, as well as exporting consumer products; mostly to Japan. Sunchem Evergreen Chemicals is a Subsidiary of China-based Sunchem Group, and was founded in 2002. The production and distribution of polystyrene resin is one of their main business functions.