Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Systems has unveiled a refreshed “website-within-a-website” designed to make acoustics easy to understand for architects, interior designers, building owners, facility managers, and contractors.

Titled “Sound Design,” the new site includes five distinct videos that visually explain how acoustics play an integral role in any space.  It also clarifies how the right combination of sound absorption, sound attenuation (blocking), and aesthetics can result in an enhanced indoor environmental quality.

A page titled “Acoustics 101” describes the fundamental properties of sound and defines the most common acoustical terms and concepts.  The site then examines how a balanced acoustical and aesthetical design can be attained in three different market segments: office, healthcare, and education.

Each of the market segment pages features a video that shows how different material selections influence the acoustic environment.  Each segment page also includes a chart showing “Good,” “Better” and “Best” ceiling solutions for a space.

 The site also includes a chart that allows visitors to hear the difference a ceiling treatment can make in a space.  To access “Sound Design,” visit