The parent company unveils two new Parex EIFS basecoats and adhesives—121 Cool Base and 121 Dry HI (High Impact). Designed with the contractor in mind, the two new products boast extreme coolness and unsurpassed strength. 121 Cool Base is a premium, white EIFS basecoat and adhesive that is incomparable in the industry. It produces a 30 percent cooler basecoat temperature than typical basecoats & adhesives, which results in less suction and hydration when a final finish is applied. This technology allows for improved finish coverage as well as a faster and easier finish application. The company also introduces 121 Dry HI, a high performance EIFS basecoat and adhesive that is fortified with a unique blend of raw materials for increased impact and puncture resistance. It yields up to 30 percent better impact resistance (compared to standard EIFS basecoats & adhesives). 121 Dry HI is formulated for enhanced workability and provides easier application. This product is ideal for ground floors and other areas where greater impact resistance is required. 121 Cool Base and 121 Dry HI are one-component, polymer-modified, cement based dry products that are used as an adhesive to adhere EPS boards to existing substrates, a basecoat to embed reinforcing mesh and a leveler in Parex EIF Systems. Both 121 Cool Base and 121 Dry HI are shipped in 50 pound bags. Coverage, mixing instructions and limitations can be found in the Product Data Sheet at